Week of 01 Jul 2018
The President Is Missing
The larger problem, though, is how cramped the novel's scope remains. There's no thrum of national panic, no sense of the wide world outside this very literal narrative.
LA Times

The President Is Missing

by Bill Clinton

Tom Clancy Line of Sight (A Jack Ryan Jr. Novel)
There’s plenty of action, but readers looking for gore will have to settle for Bulgarian body parts in a kimchi jar and a poor fellow “shredded…like creamed chipped beef.” Fast-moving and exciting, this one reads like it came from Clancy himself.

Tom Clancy Line of Sight

by Mike Maden

Shelter in Place
As a significant bonus, the book’s chilling, brutal opening scenes should be required reading for any politician waffling on the issue of gun control.

Shelter in Place

by Nora Roberts

The Fallen (Memory Man series)

No Critic Review

The Fallen

by David Baldacci

Something in the Water: A Novel
I can say the ending was exciting and I was panicky and shocked and everything I like to feel in an ending to a thriller. So that was good. The story was also full of twists and turns. This part of a psychological thriller was fulfilled.
Jenn Renee Read

Something in the Water

by Catherine Steadman

The Black Book
Most readers will be ahead of the twin investigators in identifying the guilty party. But the mystery is authentic, the lead-up genuinely suspenseful, and the leading characters and situations more memorable than Patterson’s managed in quite a while.

The Black Book

by James Patterson

Crazy Rich Asians
A witty tongue-in-cheek frolic about what it means to be from really old money and what it’s like to be crazy rich.
Publishers Weekly

Crazy Rich Asians

by Kevin Kwan

Two by Two
Two by Two is a deeply moving tale not only about the love between a father and a daughter but also about the power of family and the courage we must find within ourselves as we face the unknown.
Booklist Online

Two by Two

by Nicholas Sparks

The Outsider: A Novel
They are, crucially, not Texans. In a nice play on the title, they are outsiders...King doesn’t presume to be an insider, either. There is a cop of Mexican descent, Yune Sablo, and an Anglo woman who grew up in the area, Lovie Ann Bolton, but neither is the protagonist; King doesn’t inhabit them as he does Anderson and Gibney.
NY Times

The Outsider

by Stephen King

The Pharaoh Key (Gideon Crew)

No Critic Review

The Pharaoh Key

by Douglas Preston

The Death of Mrs. Westaway
The plotting is not completely seamless, but that is more than made up for by a clever heroine and an atmospheric setting, accented by wisps of meaning that drift from the tarot cards.

The Death of Mrs. Westaway

by Ruth Ware

Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine: A Novel
Otherwise, it’s hard to capture just how terrific this book is; the whole here is greater than the sum of its parts. Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine is a near-magical book...
Dear Author

Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine

by Gail Honeyman

When Life Gives You Lululemons
Witty, sarcastic and a reminder that wealth doesn’t necessarily bring happiness or buy good sense or decency. Definitely worth a read.
Beauty and Lace

When Life Gives You Lululemons

by Lauren Weisberger

Less: A Novel
...the reader is left unsure of exactly how to conclude. Except perhaps, in avoiding a trite ending all my own (“Less should have been more!”), to say that what frustrates is that a writer of great talent has allowed himself to call finished something that needed to go higher, faster, further...
NY Journal of Books


by Andrew Sean Greer

Before the Storm (World of Warcraft)

No Critic Review

Before the Storm

by Christie Golden