Week of 29 Jul 2018
The President Is Missing
The larger problem, though, is how cramped the novel's scope remains. There's no thrum of national panic, no sense of the wide world outside this very literal narrative.
LA Times

The President Is Missing

by Bill Clinton

The Good Fight: A Novel

No Critic Review

The Good Fight

by Danielle Steel

All We Ever Wanted: A Novel
...her carefully constructed sense of family fractures against her realization that Kirk may not be the husband, father, or man she thought he was. A compelling portrait of a woman facing the difficult limits of love.

All We Ever Wanted

by Emily Giffin

The Rooster Bar
As in all of Grisham’s best books, the reader of “The Rooster Bar” gets good company, a vigorous runaround and — unlike those poor benighted suckers at Foggy Bottom — a bit of a legal education.
NY Times

The Rooster Bar

by John Grisham

Spymaster: A Thriller (The Scot Harvath Series Book 18)

No Critic Review


by Brad Thor

Crazy Rich Asians
A witty tongue-in-cheek frolic about what it means to be from really old money and what it’s like to be crazy rich.
Publishers Weekly

Crazy Rich Asians

by Kevin Kwan

Less: A Novel
...the reader is left unsure of exactly how to conclude. Except perhaps, in avoiding a trite ending all my own (“Less should have been more!”), to say that what frustrates is that a writer of great talent has allowed himself to call finished something that needed to go higher, faster, further...
NY Journal of Books


by Andrew Sean Greer

Sharp Objects: A Novel
A savage debut thriller that renders the Electra complex electric, the mother/daughter bond a psychopathic stranglehold...Piercingly effective and genuinely terrifying.

Sharp Objects

by Gillian Flynn

The Perfect Couple
Sink into this book like a hot, scented bath...a delicious, relaxing pleasure. And a clever whodunit at the same time.

The Perfect Couple

by Elin Hilderbrand

Clock Dance: A novel
What drives the novel are Tyler’s wonderfully direct and evocative character sketches and dialogue that flows with grace and humor, deceptive in its simplicity. Like all her books, “Clock Dance” is unfussy but generous.
Star Tribune

Clock Dance

by Anne Tyler

The Outsider: A Novel
They are, crucially, not Texans. In a nice play on the title, they are outsiders...King doesn’t presume to be an insider, either. There is a cop of Mexican descent, Yune Sablo, and an Anglo woman who grew up in the area, Lovie Ann Bolton, but neither is the protagonist; King doesn’t inhabit them as he does Anderson and Gibney.
NY Times

The Outsider

by Stephen King

The Summer Wives: A Novel

No Critic Review

The Summer Wives

by Beatriz Williams

Spinning Silver: A Novel

No Critic Review

Spinning Silver

by Naomi Novik

When Life Gives You Lululemons
Witty, sarcastic and a reminder that wealth doesn’t necessarily bring happiness or buy good sense or decency. Definitely worth a read.
Beauty and Lace

When Life Gives You Lululemons

by Lauren Weisberger