A Reluctant Empress by Nora Weaving
(Harem Masters #3) (Harem Masters Series)

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Kalliope is beginning to move up at Hera Selene, Athens' most exclusive brothel that serves only the most rich and powerful clientele. She's become a sensation among the men, her beauty and innocent appeal are unmatched, and the clients are willing to pay a mint to share a bed with her.

She's given a new private room and she has enough saved in wages to furnish it nicely. When her favorite client, the mysterious Damianos, returns early from a business trip things get tricky. They share more than a carnal knowledge, their feelings are becoming real and Kalliope is in danger of jeopardizing everything.

She pleases Damianos in ways he has never known and the man cannot wait to take her again and again. Just when things are starting to look up, Kalliope finds that Spyro has reserved her for the evening. His face is filled with vengeance and malice, hopefully their session will be equal parts pleasure and pain.

Mistress of Submission is a raunchy tale of sex, submission, and BDSM. Novella #3 of the Harem Master: Court of Lust series.

Read on for a small taste:

He softly ran his fingers up and down her sex, making sure not to penetrate her folds. Kalliope moaned with frustration. Finally, Damianos cupped her lips and opened them gently.

“So beautiful,” he breathed, his words hot against her feverish skin. Lazily, he ran a finger along her clitoris, pressing the pad of his finger against her swollen nub.

“Agh!” Kalliope cried out, pressing against his finger to increase the pressure. Damianos continued to rub her, and slipped two fingers into her tight opening. Kalliope cried out loudly, she could feel how wet she was already. Damianos clearly felt her wetness too, and he made a guttural sound deep in the back of his throat in appreciation.

Damianos continued to thrust two fingers inside her, the friction nearly sending Kalliope over the edge. She moaned at every push of his fingers, and she felt her breasts bouncing against her body as Damianos commanded her with the most intimate of touches.

He crooked his fingers inside her, and Kalliope lost the battle, her orgasm came fast and hard. She shook and trembled, making sure to keep her hands against the headboard as she came. The waves of pleasure seemed to continue crashing over her and still Damianos kept his fingers pressed inside her. When at last the blissful waves stopped, she lay spent on the bed, her chest rising and falling quickly as her body began to return to normal.

Damianos looked up at her through his thick lashes, and moved up her body with the grace of a mountain lion. He gently cupped her chin, his fingers still wet with her juices.

“Did you like that?”

Kalliope could only grunt her response.

“Now, I’m going to taste you,” he breathed, sliding back down her body, his fingers leaving a trail of her arousal against her olive skin.

He opened her again and without pretense pushed his mouth against her sensitive sex.

“I’m too sensitive!” Kalliope cried out as Damianos began to pleasure her with his tongue. It was too much too soon and she bucked on the bed, trying to stop him.

Damianos stopped and came back up to her, squeezing her mouth with his hand. “I tell you what you can and cannot handle.” He paused. “Do you understand?”

Kalliope couldn’t speak so she only nodded her head to show that she understood. Damianos went back between her thighs, and Kalliope bit her lip and winced as he continued to taste her. Within seconds, her sensitivity seemed to fade away and she began to feel pleasure again. Her winces became moans of deep pleasure and she lifted her hips to press her sex even further into Damianos’ mouth.

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Published March 24, 2013 by Infinite Muse Press. 33 pages
Genres: Erotica, Literature & Fiction, History. Fiction

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