Alien Symbiote Breeding by Eva Creed
(Tentacle Sex Breeding Orgasm Denial Erotica)

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Lita was the slowest runner on her team until recently, thanks to the symbiote monster she's taken in. But there's a price to pay for her new skills, and that price is her sensitive, nubile body! What can she do when the tentacle alien takes her against her will to impregnate her with its offspring? 4762 words! Tentacle sex, orgasm denial, and breeding! Adults only! All characters over 18.


"Oooh! Ahhhn~!!!"

I cried out in an incredibly lewd voice. It was insanely pleasurable! The feeling of so many tentacles stroking and caressing my bare skin, slipping in-between my nightshirt to rub and slip against my quivering body. This was so much different compared to before! My body was hyper-sensitized alright, but in a way that made touching it feel good. Ridiculously good. I was going wild as the tentacles danced along the top of my body, slapping and stroking my sides as I writhed and twisted, light-headed with bliss and unable to control my flailing limbs.

If this was its idea of punishment, I REALLY wouldn't mind getting punished some more! Even when it whipped fiercely against my breasts and crotch, I couldn't help but gnash my teeth and scream with ecstasy, my spittle splaying out of my mouth, making messy wet spots all over my chest and the mattress. Then, I felt several tentacles poking their heads lewdly at the place where my butt made contact with the mattress. They were squishing themselves into the space there, teasing my extra-sensitive butt with an incredibly erotic pleasure. When a couple started running themselves up and down my butt crack, I almost lost my mind!

All of my previous inhibitions and fears were quickly draining away, being brushed aside as easily as a speck of dust. Everywhere that a tentacle touched, an insane amount of bliss flowed through, stimulating my body in ways I couldn't even imagine in my wildest fantasies. My thighs, my crotch, my hips, sides, belly, breasts, the nape of my neck, the underside of my arms. Every part of my upper body was being stroked and pleasured by slippery wet tentacles, to abnormally great effect. I was hurtling towards the edges of the most fantastic orgasm I've ever had in my life!

All of a sudden, the pleasurable sensations stopped.


At the exact moment that my orgasm would've started, the tentacles had retracted themselves, taking with them, any chances of coming.

"Hey! What happened!? Why'd you stop!?"

I cried, almost desperately. I could still feel the pleasurable after-buzz from where they had been touching me, but it was not nearly enough to let me climax.

[This is your punishment. You may not have an orgasm.]

...That's ridiculous! After pleasuring me to this extent, it wasn't going to let me finish!? I was too horny to even think straight or care what it thought. My fingers went straight for my clit. But just like before, tentacles snatched up my wrists, ensnaring them and holding them off to the sides, rendering them useless. Trying to squeeze my legs together to put pressure on my crotch only made it grab my ankles and spread them apart too.

"RaaAAHH!!! That's not FAIR!!!"

I screamed, struggling like a wild beast. It can't do this to me! Not when I'm so close..!

But it can, and it did. It held me down easily, as if I was little more than a kid having a tantrum. Soon, the fire in my groin faded, leaving me feeling horny and frustrated. So frustrated that I wanted to cry.

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Published August 11, 2012 17 pages
Genres: Erotica, Literature & Fiction, Science Fiction & Fantasy. Fiction

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