Another Change in Style by Nadia Nightside
Teen Queen (Bimbo Transformation Breast Enlargement Mind Control) (Female Designs)

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Eighteen year-old Kimberly Amora has always loved being pretty. She had high status at school, a spot as cheerleading captain, and was a lock for Homecoming Queen.

Then she got mono. Out of school for two whole weeks, her entire social standing has crumbled. She can't be homecoming queen, she's kicked off the cheerleading squad, and her status is gone.

Her new teacher, Glory, says she can fix it all. Glory is an incredibly beautiful blonde, who says that just by wearing some special clothes from a store called Female Designs, Kimberly's whole life can turn around.

She could be irresistible. Flawless. Effortlessly gorgeous and young, forever. She could seduce whoever she wanted, whenever she wanted, to get whatever she wanted.

Forget homecoming--Kimberly could be Queen of the whole school!

This is the sequel to A Change In Style! Enjoy as Mark, the owner of Female Designs, unfolds even more of his dastardly plan to create sex-hungry, seductive, giggly beautiful women for his own super-busty slave harem!

For mature audiences only--this erotic novella (~31000 words) contains scenes of explicit girl on girl sex, oral sex, masturbation, hardcore fucking, breast expansion, bimbofication, master/slave relationships, and seduction!


The thought of her body looking so incredibly hot in the outfit she had picked out for the day eventually got Kimberly up out of bed.

Minutes later, she posed in front of a full-length mirror in the hallway, tossing her thick, luxurious chestnut hair back and forth, again and again, infatuated with the sight of herself. It was no wonder. Her intoxicating body was encased in yellow – a tiny pleated micro-length mini-dress adorned the generous curves of her body, doing little to hide her long, lust-provoking legs decorated with yellow fishnets and bright yellow six-inch platform heels with bright little dandelions painted on them.

Her giant tits displayed themselves eagerly, the dress practically held up by her stiff pink nipples alone. The yellow collar around her neck matched the bright, frilly yellow lace gloves on her hands. A cute little yellow cap adorned the top her gorgeous chestnut curls, falling to her perfect ass in waves and waves of thick locks and soft tresses.

She hadn't had to style her hair at all—just like a hot babe shouldn't. Everything ought to be effortless for someone as gorgeous as her, even doing her hair. It was so fun that her body was getting so completely with the program.

The entire outfit only highlighted Kimberly’s perfect, spotless, almost-shiny tanned skin.

Yellow was such an impractical color. Only good for calling attention to oneself, really, which was why it was perfect for a babe like her.

The mirror did quite a good job of showing off Kimberly’s wildly proportioned attributes. There were mirrors in every room there, as if Glory was so obsessed with her own glorious reflection that she couldn’t bear to be away from it for very long.

It was a great idea; Kimberly would have to do the same for her own house. She was sure she could get some for free, just like Glory probably had. Her locks sparkled in the light, shining like a shower of deep brown jewels as she posed again and again in the mirror. She just couldn’t get over how phenomenal she looked.

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Published March 25, 2013 98 pages
Genres: Erotica, Literature & Fiction. Fiction

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