Arrested For My Milk by Eva Creed
(Reluctant Lactation Menage MfM Rough Sex Erotica)

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Brandy's racing home to milk her breasts, when red and blue lights flash in her rear-view mirror. The burly cops order her out of her vehicle and strip her down, making it impossible to hide her milking breasts from their leering eyes. Just what will Brandy be forced to do to get out of trouble? 3711 words. Dubious consent, MfM menage, rough lactation sex. Adults only! All characters over 18.


Whimpering softly, I started to undress. I turned my back to them, trying my best not to give them a peek. One by one, I slipped out of my clothes and placed them on the hood. Soon, I'm standing there in only my heels, my right arm crossed over my nipples, my left hand hiding my crotch.

Thankfully, the weather's warm enough to bear standing out here in the nude. But because of that, I have nothing to blame for the deepening red blush that seems to be permanently fixed to my cheeks. Bad enough that I have to bare myself to these cops, but what about passer-bys? It's late, but not late enough that no one's going to be driving down this road. What if someone else sees me?

"Well what do you think, Carl?"

"What do I think, Rick? I think you're right. I think our lady friend here, is hiding something."

What are they talking about? How the hell could I be still hiding something, dressed in nothing but heels!?

It only takes a moment for me to figure out what they're talking about. It's not a coincidence that both their gazes are fixated on one place on my body.

"Drop your arms."

I don't move.

"We can either do this here, or we can take you back to the station with us. There's a lot of nice gentlemen there, just waiting to have a chat with a lovely lady like you. It's your choice."

He's got to be bluffing. There's no way his superiors would allow this... right? I have no idea how corrupt the police in this city are. It might be possible that they'd do such a thing. I don't want that to happen. Does that mean I have to cooperate with them? Maybe if I behave, they'll let me off sooner...

Biting my lower lip, I lowered my right hand, keeping it over my crotch so that my arms at least hid a little bit of my breasts.

"Arms to the side."

Of course they wouldn't let that slide. Blinking back tears, my arms fell away, revealing both my crotch, and my moistened, milk-stained breasts. Two pairs of eyes leer gleefully at my tits. I somehow resist the urge to turn away and hide them once more.

"Well Carl, what do you think of that?"

"You know what, Rick? I think our lady friend here isn't hiding anything after all. I think she's innocent."

W-What? I wasn't expecting that. Are they really going to let me go? That's... almost disappointing, somehow.

"I-Is that it, then? Can I get dressed and go home already?"

I reached for my clothes behind my back, but in an instant, Rick seizes my wrist.

"Hold on, miss. There's still that speeding violation you made just a moment ago. I hope you haven't forgotten about that."

...Of course not. If anything, I'd expect this humiliation to be payment enough. But there's no way they'd force me to strip, then just let me escape.

"C-Can you let it slide? I'm pretty poor."

"Poor? That's a problem. You don't have money to pay for a speeding ticket, but you decided to speed anyways."

He pretends to contemplate the issue, though I'm sure he's already decided what he's going to do.

"Alright, I think I might be willing to let it slide."

He and Carl step up and flank me, their bodies pushing up, frightening me with their sudden closeness.

"That is, if you don't resist..."

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Published February 14, 2013 15 pages
Genres: Erotica, Literature & Fiction. Fiction

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