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Joey The Weather Boy - A Story About Asperger Syndrome (The Dr. C & Elwood Files Book 1)

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Seven year old Joey is showing a lot of Asperger Syndrome symptoms. The other kids don't seem to like him very much since all he wants to do is talk about the weather. He doesn't say things such as "Nice weather we're having today," but rather talks about cumulonimbus clouds and cold fronts. People quickly tire of hearing Joey talk about meteorology.
Joey's parents take him to see Dr. C & Elwood for a diagnosis, and Joey discovers there are a few surprises in store for him...
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(Includes special activity and discussion guide)

When treating children who have Asperger Syndrome, an easy mistake often made is to not actively involve the child who has the Aspergers Syndrome in the treatment process. Not involving the child can negatively affect treatment outcome. This mistake occurs for a number of reasons.

Many therapists find it easier to work with the parents than with the child, and so choose to focus on parent counseling rather than working directly with the children.
We should involve the child in the treatment in order to educate him/her about the syndrome. Understanding the problems can help the child to cope better as (s)he actively tries to function better. It can also help the child avoid developing impaired self esteem, for example believing that (s)he is stupid, inadequate, or mentally disturbed. Understanding can also help reduce the stigma associated with having Asperger's Syndrome. If the child is an active participant, we also might be able to avoid tapping into an oppositional response from the child; in other words many of the children might conclude that we are trying to control them with medications and counseling, and therefore respond by purposely fighting progress and not trying. Currently a very high percentage of children quit taking medication when they grow up, even if they still need it. When we actively involve them in their own treatment, we increase the probability that they will continue to properly manage the disorder when they grow up.
It is for the reasons stated above that I have produced and will continue to produce books and videos which are aimed at directly educating children about autism, Asperger Syndrome (and other disorders, such as ADHD), thus actively involving them in the treatment process.

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Published December 23, 2013 by SplinterCo.. 26 pages
Genres: Children's Books, Parenting & Relationships.