Atlantis FACT by Rosemary Klem
Two Colonies Inhabit the Atlantic & Pacific Oceans

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EYEWITNESS ACCOUNT EXPOSES ALL IN A BREAKTHROUGH NEW BOOK. This is a once ever global event that will change our world forever.

This is NOT a work of fiction. Atlantis is not a myth. Nor is it a lost continent. Atlantis - which represents a superior race of humans that originated from another planet, and which established us on this planet - presently exists on two fronts: a mother ship settled in the Atlantic Ocean, and a growing colony settled in the Pacific Ocean.

In this book, the author exposes the truth about not just Atlantis and its connection to the Bermuda Triangle, the Great Flood, and the Egyptian pyramids, but the future, and the physics of space travel. Its author claims that long ago this race of humans artificially inseminated a virgin woman, who gave birth to the most controversial figure of our past.

Many are wondering about what the end of some ancient calendars means. Our forbears were told of the day that we would enter into a new phase of our evolution. This new phase marks the end of imposed darkness and ignorance, and the beginning of a new era of understanding of who we are (our blueprint), what happens to us after we die, and what is out there in the universe. As impossible and as far-fetched as it seems, we are the generation that is being presented with the truth.

Of course, there is no way we could know that it is only when a planet reaches a certain stage in its technology that it is deemed ready to belong to the community that unquestionably does exist out there in the universe.

There is a higher order that exists in the universe, which evolved through evolutionary processes of the universe. Darwin thought on too small a scale; unfortunately, we still think small; then again, the truth is not something we can ever figure out, invent, or imagine on our own without some form of "external" intervention. The foundations we have built around us to explain away our existence, from Darwin's Theory, the Big Bang Theory, to spiritual and philosophical theories, do not form credible foundations upon which to structure the answers, just as the theories of the Earth being flat and at the center of the universe were not credible foundations and hence crumbled like castles of sand.

What we cannot imagine is that every planet in its primitive stage of evolution is allocated a superior race of humans to "oversee" it and aid it in its evolutionary process in various ways. Our overseers have been "grooming us" throughout our process of evolution. The "footprints" they have left in our ancient past are all too evident today, if we look with open and unbiased minds. Believe it or not, much of our progress has been of their influence and not of our own innovation. Everything we think we are inventing is a reinvention of something others have long ago invented. The end stage of this grooming process is unification.

The question of "contact" is why many are dismissive of the idea that there is something more out there. However, it is not a matter of contact, as we have always been a "zoo" to others out there who have always known about us, and who have regularly visited us, unbeknown to us. It is only when humans are ready that contact can occur in a way that will satisfy us, but it will be in a way that we cannot suspect.

Actual "contact" is not as simple as some may think. Contact on a global scale cannot just occur. There has to be an acclimatization process. As a part of the process, we must first understand not just ourselves, but who they are and where they are. This is where this book comes into the picture.

That a parent civilization far, far in advance of us should be considering contact now, in our generation, is the pinnacle of our closeted relationship, which has existed for over twelve thousand years.

Subjects include: the future, space travel, propulsion physics, inter-dimensional travel, telepathic communication, cybernetic technology, governing structure of the universe.

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Published December 17, 2012 by Zodbooks. 288 pages
Genres: Religion & Spirituality, Science & Math. Non-fiction

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