Babysitter Says 'Breed Me!' by Kitty Sinclair
(Babysitter Says...)

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Hank Jones wants one thing - to breed. Obsessed with continuing his legacy, he won't rest until his seed is received, quietly growing inside a willing womb.

After placing an advertisement for a babysitter, naive nineteen year old Maya stumbles into his twisted game - Hank is determined to make her his vessel, for pleasure and for breeding.

Warning: This 3800 story includes hot breeding sex, Hank's quiverful fantasies, and the impregnation of a naive college student!

An excerpt from Babysitter Says 'Breed Me!':

A tall, handsome man answered the door, a grin appearing on his lips as he casually sized up her up. “You must be Maya. Please, come inside.”
She smiled, allowing herself to be escorted into the foyer. “Nice to meet you, Mr Jones.”
He managed a cool facade, skilfully disguising his excitement - just from one look, he knew she was the one he had searched for. So many other girls answered the advertisement, only to show up as completely unsuitable. But as soon as he saw her, he knew Maya was perfect.
Showing her inside the impressive house, he gestured towards a luxurious living room. “Take a seat.”
Maya perched on one of the plush sofas, trying to subdue her niggling pre-interview nerves. She really wanted the job before she arrived, but now, after seeing how sexy her potential boss was, she wanted it more than ever.
To her surprise, Hank ignored the other sofa and armchairs in the room, and sat right next to her instead. So close that his thigh pressed against hers. Normally, that kind of intrusion into her personal space would have annoyed her. But somehow, this was different: they had only just met, but she found his nearness thrilling.
“Maya,” he said, letting her name melt like honey in his mouth. “I'd like you to work twice a week - afternoons, and occasionally, evenings too. I'll run through the position's duties and expectations in a moment, but first, tell me about yourself.”
Struck by his direct manner and his gorgeous face, Maya's stomach flipped and she scrambled to find anything to say. “Well, I'm nineteen years old and in my first year of college, and I have all my first aid certificates. I can cook, play tennis and speak fluent German...” she began.
Barely listening as she rattled off her qualifications and accomplishments, Hank's eyes poured over her shapely body as he considered another type of suitability. The fabric of her dress was stretched tight over her impressive breasts - full and high, and deliciously round like melons. Her wide hips - curvy and sensual, perfect for what he had planned - lead up to a waist so tiny he could encircle it with his bare hands. A waist so small, it gave him chills just thinking about it transforming into a big, round bump.
“So, where are your children?” She looked around, searching for any hints of chocolate on the cream wool rug or crayon marks on the pristine walls.
“Ah, yes - my children.” He smiled, amused at how easily his plan was unfolding. “I don't have any. Yet.”
Maya's expression clouded with confusion. “I thought this was a babysitting job?”
“In a manner of speaking.” He smirked at the thought, moving to lay a hand on her thigh, his fingers sliding just a little under the hem to enjoy the feel of her smooth skin, as she shivered at his touch. “This is a special kind of babysitting - while my wife is at work, you will be sitting on my cock, and we'll make a baby. The job starts now.”

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Published January 24, 2013 15 pages
Genres: Erotica, Literature & Fiction. Fiction

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