Big-Boobed Beth by Anne Eton
(first-time lesbian erotic romance)

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Beth Collins' oversized breasts make her the laughingstock of her high school. But when cool, worldly Katie arrives in town, she befriends the social outcast. The girls draw closer and closer together... until Beth discovers just how close girlfriends can be.

Adults only. F/F lesbian erotic romance. Over 7,000 words.  Everyone in this fictional story is 18 or older.


Katie stripped off her shirt and jeans, exposing a blue flower-print bikini underneath. Catching Beth's stare, Katie shrugged. "I bought it on the way to your place this morning."

"They didn't have black, huh?"

"Nope. So come on, don't leave me hanging." Katie motioned for Beth to undress, then withdrew a couple of beach towels and a blanket from her duffel bag.

Beth hesitated. She looked around. The beach was completely empty. Slowly, still scanning around her, she pulled off her shirt and unzipped her jeans.

Katie made a puzzled face. "What's wrong?"

"I'm just really self-conscious, that's all." Beth stood in a plain brown bikini. A tag on the back read, "VOLUPTUO: Custom Fashions for Unique Women." Even in the dim light, Beth threw an hourglass shadow.

"Well, there's nobody around, so relax. Race you!" Katie kicked sand playfully at Beth and dashed toward the ocean. Beth lunged after her, her big breasts bouncing up and down as she ran.

The girls hit the water at the same time, stopping short. "Oh my God, it's freezing!" Beth yelled. A wave slapped through them, wetting their bodies from the navel down. They screamed again, and ran back to the towels.

"Buh, buh buh. I am so cold," Beth hissed, teeth chattering. She tried to dry herself off with the towel she sat on.

"Come over here," Katie ordered. "We'll share the blanket."

Beth obeyed, hopping over to sit crosslegged on her friend's towel. Katie snuggled up behind her and pulled a thick blanket around their shoulders, covering them both completely from the neck down.

"Oh my God oh my God oh my God," Beth repeated. "I'll never be warm again." She laughed, shivering.

"Just relax. We'll warm up in a few minutes." Katie began rubbing Beth's legs with the blanket, moving her hands inside the cocoon.

"At least I'm covered up," Beth said. She sighed.

"What's up with that? Haven't you ever been to the beach before?"

Slowly, as she watched the waves, Beth began talking about her body and the curse it brought her. How people stared, how it was impossible to be invisible. The words poured out of her faster and faster. Finally, she fell silent, exhausted.

"Can I say something?" Katie asked. All while Beth had been talking, Katie had kept rubbing her: first her legs, drying them, then moving her bare hands gently up and down Beth's back and torso. "I think your body is beautiful."

"Yeah, right." Beth brushed her face with the blanket, pulling it tighter around them.

"I mean it. Your body is curvy and strong and feminine. You're so lucky, and you don't even know it." Katie's hands kept moving over Beth's skin, massaging her shoulders, slipping down her sides, rubbing her stomach.

"I guess." After a long pause, she added: "But you might feel different if your nickname was Big-boobed Beth."

In response, Katie's hands slipped under Beth's breasts. Beth inhaled, but did not move. Slowly, gently, Katie began to massage. Beth's nipples immediately grew hard. Katie's fingers drew slow circles around them as her fingers moved over the bikini top's fabric.

Katie rested her head on Beth's shoulder. "I love your boobs," Katie said. "And so should you."

Beth's breathing grew deeper and deeper. Finally, she turned her head. "Katie..."

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Published December 18, 2013 by Beginnings Press. 34 pages
Genres: Romance, Gay & Lesbian, Literature & Fiction. Fiction

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