Blackmailed by His Rival by Adriana Rossi
Servicing the Billionaire Part 7 (BDSM Erotic Romance)

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Mr. Gray's tyranny over the office continues as he blackmails Mary into doing whatever he wants, whenever he wants it. After Mary disobeys a direct order, he punishes her by having his coworkers fuck her in the office. Mary loves Mr. White, but cannot help but enjoy all the depraved acts Mr. Gray forces her to do.

This 7,184 word story is the last installment in the "Servicing the Billionaire" series! Contains sexually explicit scenes!


She glanced at her watch. It was noon. With a feeling that this could mean nothing but ill, she stood up and began a slow march towards his office. She knocked on the massive doors.


When Mary entered, she wondered how she could have ever sympathized with Mr. Gray. His brown eyes were cold and hidden under a pair of horn-rimmed glasses. He spoke in a voice of polite, British indifference.

“Lock the door.”

Mary hesitated, and Mr. Gray’s eyes narrowed dangerously. She did what she was told, feeling apprehensive.

“I want you to come here and bend over this desk.”

Mr. Gray spoke in a quiet voice, but Mary could sense a storm brewing. Perhaps it was the stiffness of his limbs or his unblinking gaze. Mary suppressed a shudder as she bent over the table, feeling vulnerable as Mr. Gray stood up and walked behind her. He bent near her and placed a sheaf of paper under her face.

“Read. It.”

A thrill of fear shot through her heart. There was no mistaking the rage in his taut voice. He did not have to yell or shout, as Mr. White often did, she could feel his anger emanating from him in waves.

She looked at the paper. It was a printed out copy of an email Mary had sent. She started reading until she saw it—a typo. “‘Mr. Grey sends his regrets.’ Oh.”
His head bent towards her face. She could smell his cool breath. “‘Oh?’ That’s all you have to say for yourself?”

“I—I’m sorry.”

“I don’t think you are. Who the fuck misspells the CEO’s name? I think you did this on purpose—to embarrass me.”

Mary went rigid with horror. “Of course not.” Had she done it on purpose?

Then he flipped her skirt over her back and pulled down her panties. Mary gasped as the cool air struck her pussy. Was he going to fuck her here? Mary felt excited at the thought, and immediately felt guilty.

“I want you to keep reading the email until I am convinced you’ve learned your lesson.”

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Published November 28, 2012 29 pages
Genres: Erotica, Literature & Fiction. Fiction

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