Blackmailing the Billionaire by Aurora Dupree

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Alan Jacobs III has it all. Billions of dollars, a beautiful wife, and a successful company. But when he's seduced by sexy pool boy Ernesto, he finds himself blackmailed into a web of submission and domination.

When Alan turns to his business partner Rockford for help, he realizes Rockford may be the man he truly loves. After some steamy gay encounters, they must figure out a way to stop the scheming Ernesto once and for all.

This 10,000 word erotic romance contains hot guy on guy action, including billionaire sex, gay sex, blackmail, forced domination and submission, and dubious consent. It doesn't get much hotter than this!

The guy was so busy with his work, he didn't even see Alan approach. Alan stood at the edge of the pool, looking down into the chlorinated blue water. He cleared his throat. The pool boy looked up, wiping sweat from his brow.
“Hey there,” Alan said. “You're doing a good job. Though you might like some lemonade.”
“Thanks,” the pool boy said, taking the glass and downing it in one gulp. Up close, Alan could see this guy was even more ripped than it looked from the kitchen. Working on these pools all day must do a great job of sculpting the body.
“I'm Alan, by the way,” he said. “You've probably already met my wife.”
“Ernesto,” said the pool boy, extending his hand. Alan shook it, marveling at his firm grip.
“Probably another hour or so, then I'll be finished,” Ernesto continued.
“You're doing a good job,” Alan said again. “Take your time.”
He paused, as if he was about to say more. Ernesto nodded and went back to his work. Alan headed up to the kitchen once again. He thought about what it would be like to run his hands over Ernesto's chiseled body, to press his lips against his. Better not to think about it, he reasoned. Instead, he headed into the living room. The heat had made him sleepy. Without even realizing it, he collapsed onto his expensive couch and settled into a comfy mid-day nap.
He awoke to a loud knocking. Disoriented, he stumbled off the couch and it took him a moment before he got his bearings. Turning left, he spotted Ernesto, the pool boy, banging on the patio doors. Alan comported himself and walked over to let him in.
“Really sorry to bother you sir,” Ernesto said. “Just wanted to let you know I'm done cleaning the pool. It's spotless.”
“No apologies necessary,” Alan said, smoothing out his rumpled hair. “Come on in. Let me fix you another glass of lemonade.”
Ernesto considered for a moment, then accepted the offer. He walked into the kitchen, Alan still marveling at his shirtless body. Alan poured him another glass of lemonade, which he downed rapidly.
“Thanks for working so hard on a hot day like his,” Alan said, still eying his body.
“It's my job,” Ernesto said. His eyes darted around the sleek, modern kitchen. “You've got a really nice place here.”
“Thank you.”
“You know, I'm not blind.”
“I see the way you're looking at me. I want you to know, I think you're kind of cute, too.”
“What?” Alan took a step back, shocked. Ernesto reached out and touched Alan's arm, and Alan felt a jolt of electricity shoot through his body.
“It's okay,” Ernesto said. “I know you want to.” Without warning, he leaning forward and kissed Alan on the mouth. Alan could taste his sweat, his sweet lips. He let his mouth linger there for a long moment before pulling away.
“This is crazy!” Alan protested. “I don't even know you.”
“Just relax,” Ernesto said. His strong hands found their way to the bulge in Alan's pants, now rapidly groaning. He moaned. “Sit back and let me do my thing.”
Before he knew it, Ernesto was undoing Alan's belt with his mouth. He grasped Alan's zipper with his teeth and slowly pulled down, revealing Alan's boxers.

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Published August 11, 2012 31 pages
Genres: Erotica, Gay & Lesbian, Literature & Fiction. Fiction

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