Boffy The Dick Slayer by Joan Russell
Boffy's Magic Dildo

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Boffy is given a magic dildo that will help her in the Days of the Dick. Completely confused she returns home with the dildo, places it as a thing to worship and finds herself in the grasp of an entity that is attacking every erogenous area in her body.


Finding the bronzed dildo in that second hand shop happened quite by accident that Saturday afternoon. Boffy Bimbomere and her best friend Alicia Simms were doing their weekend cruise of the shops on Second Avenue looking for bargains when Boffy saw the dildo perched on a stand in the shabby shop's window - a bronze sun beckoning like a warm beach at the end of a long winter.

"Is that what I think it is?" Boffy exclaimed in a whisper that caught in her throat. "No, it can't be."
Model tall, athletic, with honey blond hair and electric blue eyes, Boffy entered the dusty store and crossed the aisle to gaze transfixed at what appeared to be a horse-sized, solid bronze penis displayed on a tall dark plinth shaped like a decorative Corinthian column.

"What can't be?" Alicia, the short dark antithesis to Boffy's goddess-like proportions, asked, looking around the shop to find the object that had caught Boffy's attention.

"It is a bronze penis," Boffy, giggled.

"Where?" Alicia asked, her throat tight with excitement, her eyes searching eagerly for sight of the phallus.

"It's magnificent," Boffy said. She tipped her head to the side to signify curiosity. "I wonder if it's a really expensive dildo. Something made specifically for some ultra horny heiress. She lifted the piece off its plinth and held it in her extended fist, feeling its substance and weight. "It's heavy."

"What are you talking about?" Alicia asked, staring at her friend as if Boffy had lost her mind.

"And warm. Can't you see it?" Boffy asked, realizing that her friend's behavior didn't make sense. After all she was holding the surprisingly warm and heavy bronze cock in her hand and Alicia was giving her a blank stare that didn't seem to recognize what she was doing in the slightest. Normally Alicia would be squealing or grabbing for the cock - something other than looking blank and confused.

Boffy replaced the dildo on its plinth and walked around the display column on which it was featured as if she was evaluating a true work of art in a posh gallery. "And it's kind of arty. I bet it was never used in the conventional way."

"What way?" Alicia asked again.

"It's so beautiful," Boffy said, her voice taking on a soft and dreamy tone. "It feels like it's calling me to worship it. Maybe that's it. Maybe it's an object of worship."

"What the hell are you talking about?" Alicia demanded, her voice taking on an angry and frustrated edge.

Boffy ignored her. "I mean look at all this stuff around here. This is a second hand shop with old chairs and used golf clubs. Stuff that's all beaten up and old, and here's this gorgeous cock, just standing there glowing. It's funny; it feels like it was waiting here for me for some reason. I feel like I have to own it."

"Boffy, what's happened to you?" Alicia asked. Her voice had changed from angry to concerned. "You sound like you under some kind of a spell or something."

"Let's ask how much it costs," Boffy said.

"What costs?" Alicia asked, irritation returning to her voice.

"May I help you," the wizened man who owned the store said from directly behind them. It was as if he had magically materialized just when Boffy posed the question. Alicia squealed with alarm and jumped an inch off the floor. Boffy turned toward him as if she had been expecting him.

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Published April 11, 2012 30 pages
Genres: Erotica, Literature & Fiction, Science Fiction & Fantasy. Fiction

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