Bred By His Champion by Lucinda Lane
(Reluctant Monster Breeding Sex Stories) (A Sex Slave in the Warlock's Breeding Pits)

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She had heard tales of the Warlock's breeding pits. Tales of the women who are taken and bred with all manner of vile creatures to populate his dark armies. Tales of foul magic that brings these creature's offspring to term within weeks, so these poor women may be bred over and over again. Myths, legends and nonsense...

When the Warlock comes to her village to choose a new bride for the pits fiery redhead Annika is relieved not to be chosen. However, when she is betrayed by her betrothed, the man she thought loved only her, she strikes a deal with the evil tyrant in a fit of rage.

She will volunteer for a life of sexual servitude and breeding if he damns her entire village. But the dark magics that allow him to do so come at a cost and Annika is stripped and bound in front of the village she wishes to damn as the Warlock calls for his Champion. A mighty beastman with an equally mighty cock.

Bred By His Champion is a 6700 word erotic short story in which a brave redheaded eighteen year old virgin is bred by a monstrous beast-man to fuel the dark magics of his master.

Bred by His Champion now has a follow-up! "Milked by His Champion" is out now. Want more Annika, Lara and Agy? Then check it out.


This was my chance. My only chance. But just as I began to work my makeshift weapon from the sleeve of my gown to my palm his eyes caught mine and he held me in his gaze. I couldn't move, only stare deep into his eyes. There I saw the ancient evil that was hidden behind a pleasant, handsome face. There I saw unspeakable depravity and pain beyond anything I could ever imagine.

I was naked before him. My breasts felt full and ripe. They grew heavy on my chest as a trickle of milk began to leak from the tip of one nipple and then the other. I fell further into his eyes, beyond the evil, beyond the pain... there was pleasure there. I felt the lips of my sex grow plump as my blood began to flow. Thick, slick womanly juices oozing between them. My stomach became distended and round as I felt as strange alien life within it. And then no... it was not possible. I had heard tales of the Warlock's breeding pits. Of women taken into slavery to be bred time and time again by the creatures that made up his army. But I had not imagined this. The dark magics that sped up the process. From conception to birth in a matter of days. I saw myself giving birth to an unholy abomination, then later the same day being used again, crying in pleasure and pain beneath a bestial lover as my milk heavy breasts leaked over both of us.

I gasped and stepped backwards and suddenly I was back in the town square, clothed and face to face with the mask that hid so much pain... and so much pleasure.

"No... no... I could not. I will not."

I pulled my hand back and made to strike him, working the shard of metal into my palm and aiming for his neck.

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Published March 23, 2013 22 pages
Genres: Erotica, Literature & Fiction. Fiction

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