Bred by a Dragon by Jessie Hackborn

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“So, my name is Calanthia, and I’m actually glad that I didn’t find out that I was born to bear the children of a dragon until about three months ago: I never would’ve shut up about it as a kid, and I would’ve sat alone at lunch for the rest of my life.”

[Warning: this 3900 word story contains graphic depictions of dragon-on-girl sex, including double penetration, breeding and gallons of cum.]

I’ve been told, by a very reliable source, that gold is the softest metal that anybody bothers to make coins out of… but landing face down in a pile of them is still surprisingly uncomfortable.
The mound clattered when I hit it, coins scattering all over the stone floor.
“Ow,” I put my hand down, trying to brace against something. Coins shifted beneath my palm, offering me exactly zero leverage. I added, “You know, a normal boy would make sure I landed on a bed.”
“And so I did,” Shan’s voice sounded from behind me, too big and too deep for the confined space we were in. Sounding amused, he added, “Perhaps you should find a ‘normal boy,’ if you find my bedroom wanting.”
“Or maybe you should just get a pillow.” I pushed enough coins away to find the floor of the cave, a surprisingly smooth and even surface. I managed to roll over and look up at Him for the first time in a week.
Dim light filtered in from a gap in the ceiling, meager sunlight dulled by an unbroken blanket of dour gray clouds.
Even in the gloom, Shanthusk-Threyldath was glorious. His green scales gleamed and shone like polished jade. His eyes were like glittering sapphires as big as my head. I was a little sad to see His wings folded so tightly against His sinuous body, but His cave couldn’t accommodate their breadth.
Shan said that He was still young for a dragon, but He was already huge. His mouth was big enough to snap me up in a bite, maybe two. His teeth were like ivory knives. He regarded me for a moment, then said, “I suppose I must consider any request from one so beautiful.”
I blushed and said, “That’s better. Now, how long do we have this time?”
“Not long,” He said, raising a gigantic talon, “You will have to forgive my manners.”
“I — oh no!” my eyes went wide as He raised a talon. Each one of His claws was like a spear all by itself. I’d seen Him cut a cow right in half one time. I squeezed my eyes shut as it swept down at me.
His claw never even grazed me. My pajama top, on the other hand, came apart like so much wet Kleenex. My nipples stiffened at both the chilly winter air, and the rush of adrenaline. Before I could even open my eyes, He flipped me face down again. The coins were almost cold enough to sting my bare flesh. I held completely still despite my discomfort.
My heart was pounding so hard I could feel it in my ears.
A moment later, He slashed my bottoms apart too, effortlessly ripping them to pieces and exposing my bare ass.
I tried not to yelp, but I couldn’t help myself. I half-turned my head back toward him and said, “Hey now! I could’ve just pulled those down!”
Shan flicked the meaty underside of His tongue against my ass with a loud smack. It was wider than my arm: the blow would probably leave a mark. He said, “You should sleep naked.”

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Published February 12, 2013 21 pages
Genres: Erotica, Literature & Fiction. Fiction

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