Bred by the Alien Tentacle Trilogy by Audrey Grace
(3-Pack Bundle) (Alien Tentacle Breeding Erotica)

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This is a collection of 3 extreme alien tentacle breeding impregnation stories, with graphic depictions of sexual acts.

A botched mission on a distant moon leads to first contact with a telepathic and enigmatic alien tentacle species. A daring rescue attempt is thwarted by the insatiable alien tentacle, and Earth ends up in grave danger...

This bundle contains parts 1-3 of the Bred by the Alien Tentacle Trilogy.

Bred by the Alien Tentacle

Julie Sanders and a small team are sent to create a 'New Eden' on a distant moon. When their scanners pick up a life form reading, possibly intelligent, they investigate. An unexpected storm leaves Julie stranded in a cave, and at the mercy of an alien creature with tentacles...

This sizzling 6000 word extreme story contains graphic sex acts, Dubious Consent themes, and impregnation by an alien!


The tentacles emerged from the mass of orbs merging together. They were long and rubbery, blue with green highlights. They lacked the suction rings of an octopus, but in their place were hair fibers as thick as a pencil.

I gasped, and wanted to run away, but I couldn't. That strange feeling of euphoria was growing stronger again, and I smelled roses again. I didn't -- couldn't -- move when the tentacles shot out to ensnare me, to coil and wrap around me like a dozen snakes. They spun me on the spot, wrapped around my entire being, around my face, and my vision was once again that of darkness.

I began to feel something familiar welling within me, an ache, a hunger, an itch in my belly. I couldn't fight it, and I couldn't escape the creature.

But I was beginning to not want to, anymore.

Bred by the Alien Tentacle 2

When a terraforming team disappears on New Eden, Emerald Jewel and Charlize Winters of The Eden Initiative put together a squad to investigate. Upon arriving, they find one of the surviving members of the first team. But they also find an alien with tentacles, and are at its mercy...

This sizzling 7200 word story contains graphic sex, Dubious Consent themes, and impregnation by an alien tentacle!


"Take me!" Charlize cried out, and she too was wrapped up in the tentacles. Features of fear rippled across her face, but the mental powers of the creature quashed them rapidly. Her resolve was once again pushed into the background. Her legs were spread, and she began to moan and cry, and her head lolled back in bliss, and she took a tentacle in her mouth.

I looked toward a bunch of tentacles slowly sidling toward me.

"No," I said, trying in vain to back away. I wasn't ready. I wasn't ready to accept that I wanted this! But the tentacles that were coiled around my feet tightened their grip, and soon the mass of writhing, squirming tentacles were upon me, coiling around my body. They didn't have the sucker pods of octopus tentacles, but instead had hairs as thick as pencils that were surprisingly soft to the touch. I felt them through my suit as they brushed against my body. They acted as a cushion, and even when the tentacles tightened around me, I did not feel any pain.

I felt nothing but comfort.

Nothing but euphoria.

And, welling within me, an immense and violent lust, and it threatened to take over my mind.

Bred by the Alien Tentacle 3

Experts Shirley Reynolds and Scarlett Sorros are charged with making contact with an alien tentacle species captured and brought to Earth. But when they encounter the full force of the alien's telepathic power, they are unable to resist, and are at the alien's mercy...

This sizzling 7300 word story contains hot and graphic alien tentacle sex, breeding, and impregnation. Themes of Dubious Consent.


I opened my mouth gingerly, and the tentacle began to probe inside. It thickened and lengthened noticeably before beginning to move in and out slowly. The sensation was familiar, and I felt my body warming, readying.

And within my belly was an aching lust and hunger; a yearning; a need.

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Published August 11, 2012 86 pages
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