Bred by the Tentacle Doctor by Eva Creed
(Alien Tentacle Sex Breeding Erotica)

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Ellen has a crush on Dr. Hampston, who she's been seeing for years now. But tonight's visit heats up quickly, when he suddenly straps her to the bench and starts examining her nubile body! Turns out, he's got a secret literally up his sleeves, a secret involving tentacles... 3960 words with tentacle sex, bondage, blindfold, double penetration and breeding. Adults only! All characters over 18.


"Are those worms!? Are you putting worms on me!?"

I cried out desperately, anxious and extremely frightened from my lack of knowledge of what was touching me right now. They were too thick and large to be normal worms, but too smooth and slimy to be snakes. And they pressed against and fondled me in an pleasurable way that no normal worm or snake would know to do.

"Don't worry, it's perfectly safe."

"How could I not worry!? Just what are you doing to me!? Please explain..! ...Ahhh!"

It was like they were purposefully seeking out places where I was highly sensitive, and stimulating them with the intent of arousing me to stiffened peaks. Almost like they were tongues. Masses of long, flexible tongues. Unable to see their true form, my imagination ran away with me, and soon that was all I could think of, the impression that I was being molested and pleasured by masses of writhing lengths of tongues.

Several wormy tongues traced themselves along my hips, titillating me as they rolled up my sides and tested the firmness of my belly. Some nestled themselves on my tits, rubbing my erect nipples and squeezing around the bases so that the excess flesh spilled out over them. They explored my body, playing themselves down the lengths of my torso, stroking incessantly with their slimy, fleshy bodies.

I found myself growing more and more aroused by the second. I couldn't help it. Being taken in such a forceful manner, my body shivered and twitched all over, pleasant tingling aftershocks mixing with the wet, slimy sensations being transmitted through my entire front and sides. Unable to keep from straining at my restraints, my chest heaved up and down, panting from the sheer adrenaline rush.

I could tell that my pussy was moistening rapidly, the folds swelling up and puffing out to reveal my clit. Those tongue-like organisms must've noticed too, as many of them suddenly became fixated on it. They lapped and teased at my clit, running lewdly along its exposed length. The pleasurable sensations flooded through me, causing my muscles to tense and my body to shudder powerfully, filling me with a thirst for even more.

"Mmmh... ahhh..."

My face contorted in pleasure, flushed with exhilaration, my mouth opening and closing heavily. One of the tongues wormed its way into my mouth, pressing itself lewdly against my own tongue. It tasted... strange and tangy. Rather unlike what I'd expect a tongue to taste like... again, questions surfaced in my mind about what these things were that were pleasuring me so erotically. I felt it slip out, bouncing slightly off my lips to rest and slide against my cheeks. There it nuzzled against me, stroking in an affectionate manner.
As it dipped itself beneath the string holding my blindfold in place, I suddenly spotted my chance. Jerking my head sharply, I was able to wrest the blindfold away a little, catching a glimpse of just what was going on with my body right now.

"O-Oh my god!"

Tentacles! Multitudes of reddish, snake-like tentacles were molesting my whole body! In that brief moment of sight, I had spotted them, splayed out over my entire length, like long, slithery worms! Strangest of all, they were all coming from one source: Dr. Hampston, still standing beside me. Where his hands should be, jutted out countless tentacles, which he held and manipulated over my front, pleasuring me continuously despite my horror.

"Ellen... you saw me."

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Published August 14, 2012 15 pages
Genres: Erotica, Literature & Fiction. Fiction

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