Breeding My Wife 2 by Justine Snowe
The Stranger (Interracial Cuckold Voyeur Erotica)

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When Robert and Angie learn that he’s infertile, they turn to his best friend Kyle to give them a baby. Robert can’t deny that he loves watching his best friend breed his wife, but it’s just for a baby, isn’t it? When Robert and Angie go out for a romantic evening, Angie’s wild side awakens, and a handsome stranger catches her eye. What will Robert do when he learns Angie wants more than just a baby, and more than just one lover?

This 8300, adults only story contains cuckolding, oral sex, breeding, and one lucky husband secretly watching his wife having passionate sex with a stranger!


Robert looked around the alley, not yet ready to move. To his left, the alley ended in a tall chain link fence, but in the other direction it continued around the corner of the club. The hammering rhythm of the music was a muted buzz on the other side of the door, and as he listened Robert heard the sounds of the city by night – cars rumbling past, the low hum of the air conditioner, and the soft purr of the streetlights in front of the club.

And above all those other sounds, Robert could hear the unmistakable sound of his wife’s sensual moan.

It was coming from deeper in the alley, around the corner to his right. As he slowly crept towards the edge of the building, he heard Angie giggle, then speak. “Oh, Antonio,” she moaned breathily. Robert nearly tripped over his own feet as he heard his wife moan the stranger’s name, but he caught himself without making a sound, and slowly peeked around the corner of the building.

Angie and the stranger, Antonio, were a short distance away, but close enough that Robert could clearly see the man fondling his wife. Angie had her back against the brick wall of the adjacent building. One of her legs was raised up, her foot resting on a stack of packing pallets to her side, and Antonio stood between her spread legs, mirroring the wanton display they had made on the dance floor moments earlier. One of his hands spread across the curve of Angie’s breasts, his fingers exploring her supple flesh through the thin fabric of the dress, while the other rubbed her exposed thigh. Her head rolled back against the wall, exposing her neck, and Antonio kissed and nibbled at the pale skin as he caressed her body.

Robert watched Angie’s lips part in a low moan as the stranger touched her, his fingers exploring her most forbidden areas. He felt dizzy, and he knelt on the ground, reaching out with one hand to steady himself against the wall. With his other hand, however, he began to rub the bulge at the front of his pants. He couldn’t help himself; seeing his wife in the hands of another man drove him wild, no matter how badly he wanted to stop her.
“Does your husband know what a dirty slut you are, letting a total stranger use you like this?” It was the first time Robert had heard Antonio speak. His voice was smooth as silk, rich with dark tones, and his Spanish accent dripped with passion.

Angie giggled. “He’s beginning to find out. It’s a shame he won’t be here to watch me suck this big, fat cock of yours, though.” She pushed him back slightly, just to give herself enough room to kneel in front of him. Robert started as she spoke, pulling his head back quickly. Had she seen him? And who was this woman, anyway? His wife hadn’t spoken to him like this since they had first started dating and they could barely keep their hands off of one another for more than a few minutes. And now she was acting like a brazen slut for some guy she met at a club ten minutes ago! Robert unzipped his pants and pulled out his aching cock, and began to stroke it slowly. He hadn’t seen this side of Angie for years, until Kyle brought it out of her a few weeks ago, and now he was so aroused that he desperately wanted to spy on his wife as she fucked a total stranger.

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Published February 5, 2013 24 pages
Genres: Erotica, Literature & Fiction. Fiction

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