Breeding My Wife by Justine Snowe
The Best Friend (Cuckold Breeding Erotica)

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Robert and Angela have been trying to get pregnant for month, and now he learns that he’s infertile. He soon learns, however, that his best friend Kyle is a sperm donor. When he presents the idea of him fathering their child, her answer shocks him: no artificial insemination, only Kyle’s hard cock will do! But is Robert prepared to watch his best friend breed his wife?
Warning! This adults-only story is 5300 words of oral sex, vaginal sex, creampies, and red-hot cuckolding!


Robert led Kyle back to the living room, where they found Angela sitting on the couch, legs crossed at the knees, a sultry smile on her face. Robert stopped in his tracks - this was way more brazen than the Angela he knew. He couldn’t deny that she looked stunning, though.

As Robert paused at the entrance to the living room, Kyle swept pass him and moved towards the couch. “Hey there, gorgeous.” He leaned over her, his massive frame towering over her petite form, and kissed her full on the lips. The kiss lingered for a long moment, and Robert’s heart thudded in his chest.

“Hey yourself,” she replied with a giggle as he sat down next to her. As he wrapped an arm around her and pulled her into him slightly, she placed a palm on his broad thigh. Robert felt uncomfortable at how comfortable they were together; he hadn’t imagined it would be so intimate. He tried to dismiss it, however: they were going to have sex soon, after all. What’s more intimate than that?

“So,” Angela started coyly, “how do we…?”

“I think you know exactly how,” he flirted, and they both laughed. Robert felt that they had forgotten that he was standing there with them. He cleared his throat.

“Well, I’ll let you two, uh… I mean, I’ll just,” he pointed a thumb over his shoulder towards the front door as he struggled to explain he was going to give them some privacy. His cock was getting harder the more that he watched them flirt, and he wanted to take a walk to clear his head. But Angela stopped him as he began to turn.

“No, wait,” she said, standing up and rushing towards him, her heels clicking on the living room’s hardwood floor. She placed a hand on his arm, and he was surprised at how hot her skin was. “I want you to watch. I’ll feel more comfortable if you’re there.”

“I- I don’t know,” he stuttered. Her other hand joined the first on his arm, her eyes pleading.


Please let me watch. The thought came out of nowhere, surprising Robert with its intensity. Was he seriously this excited to watch another man impregnate his wife? It took a while before he could reply, anxiety and lust clouding his thoughts. “Okay.”

Angela turned to look back at Kyle, who was walking up behind her. “Is that okay with you?” He wrapped a broad forearm around her waist and kissed her ear, eliciting a soft moan.

“Anything for you, baby. Why don’t you lead the way, Bobby?” It wasn’t a question, nor a request. Robert turned and headed up the stairs, leading them towards the bedroom. He wasn’t sure how he felt about the new nickname Kyle had given him, but he wasn’t sure about any of this. Angela giggled quietly as Kyle whispered something secret into her ear. Robert didn’t need to look back to know Kyle still had his hands on his wife.

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Published September 22, 2012 18 pages
Genres: Erotica, Literature & Fiction. Fiction

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