Breeding With Tentacles that Speak 3 Pack! by Eva Creed
(Tentacle Sex Breeding Erotica Bundle)

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Three dripping wet stories about girls getting dominated and bred by tentacle monsters that talk dirty and show no mercy! Contains Alien Symbiote Breeding, Bred by the Tentacle Doctor and Tentacle Pirate's Breeding Revenge! 12935 words with orgasm denial, bondage, spanking, rough anal sex, double penetration, breeding and copious amounts of lewd tentacle sex! Adults only! All characters over 18.


It was no use. No matter how much I wrested, the blows came down, shocking me with an intense pain which was only magnifying over time, as my rear swelled up, becoming even more tenderized and red. I shook all over, panting heavily from the sharp movements I was being forced to make in reaction to each of his heavy smacks. My feet kicked about wildly, desperately slapping at the tentacles holding me prisoner. I couldn't think or concentrate on anything, except on when the next hit would come.

After ten or so such smacks to each cheek, he stopped. By then, my face was stained with tears, and my butt had swollen up to twice its normal size, and was as red as the tentacles beating it. The wet strands of my hair clung to my cheeks as I breathed heavily. My arms and legs were weak and sore from straining against his tentacles. I knew I couldn't take much more of this.

A tentacle began to caress the slope of my rear, stroking the sensitized flesh. It stung mildly to have it touched, but at the same time, it felt soothing. He cupped my cheeks with his flexible appendages, squeezing gently and massaging the injured areas.

"Are you sorry?"

"Yes..! Please... don't hit me anymore..!"

I sobbed, barely able to contain myself. As if in response, he suddenly laid into me with a blow so fierce, it forced the spit from my gaping mouth, numbing my ass temporarily before the feeling restored. I reacted immediately, arching up and flailing with renewed vigor, crying out apologies, laments, pleas, whatever would come to mind to make him stop.

"I won't stop, Anne. I won't ever let you go. This is your punishment for making me like this."

Then he beat me again and again. Over and over, until I crumpled and grew limp, unable to even resist. Only then did he cease to hit me, if only momentarily.

By then, I was a wreck. My breath left me in erratic bursts, leaving me shuddering with great tremors. My ass gave off such a heated air. Strangest of all, I was surprised to find myself absolutely quaking with lustful fits. I was sweating all over, and my crotch was soaked with fluids that weren't just seawater. I could barely contain my lewd gasps, which only amplified when he suddenly started to brush his tentacle against my lower lips, running it between them to stimulate both the entranceway, and my clit.

"I take it back. You haven't changed at all. You're still as filthy a whore as you've always been."

"N-No... don't say that... please... I'm not...!"

"Admit it. You're a nasty, filthy pervert. Just look at you. You're practically oozing all over my tentacle. Did you love being spanked that much?"

He caressed my butt, tweaking the top of my crack with the tip. Something inside me broke, filling my body with a perverse awareness.

"...Okay. ...Okay..! I admit it..! I loved it! I do! Please spank me more!!!"

I cried out shamefully, even as I pressed myself down against the tentacle on my crotch, trying to squeeze against it. His voice taunted me, undeniably happy to hear me break.

"That's it. That's the Anne I know and love..."

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Published August 16, 2012 42 pages
Genres: Erotica, Literature & Fiction. Fiction

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