Breeding the Beastman by Ashley Rhodes
(Reluctant Monster Breeding Erotica) (Fucking the Beastmen)

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After her erotic encounter with the Beastmen in the forest, Kalanya struggles home, battered and bruised.

A few days later, the men of her village return triumphant after a victorious battle over the maurauders. In their possession is a prisoner - the leader of the Beastmen.

Kalanya visits him that night, where he is chained and restrained, and this time their encounter is on her terms. She uses the Beastman's body as he used hers, and his initial reluctance soon gives way to unrestrained animal lust.

This 3500 word tale contains bondage, monster sex, oral sex, breeding, and one huge monster member!

Strictly for Adults ONLY!


Kalanya smiled.
"Perhaps. In time. But first, I have need of you, beast. I personally requested that you be chained here, away from your brethren."
The Beastman squinted suspiciously up at her.
Kalanya began to pace slowly around the table, the *clip* of her boots steady and measured on the cold stone floor.
"Among my people, we have a custom, beast. The man, who takes a woman's maidenhood, as you took mine, is bound to her for life."
She paused to gauge his reaction. Nothing yet, but he had stopped struggling against his chains and was listening intently to her words.
"So you present me with a dilemma. If you had been killed in the battle just past, I would have been free to choose a new man, a new partner."
She stopped walking, standing above his head.
"But you were not killed. You are here, chained and helpless in front of me."
The Beastman snorted in derision.
"You expect me to believe this? Stop your games, and kill me. Your snake words will not work with me."
Kalanya leaned down until her face was mere inches away from his.
"I speak the truth, beast." Her words were a low hiss, ruthless and menacing.
She ran a cold hand down the side of his face, and he shied away from her touch.
"And now I mean to take my revenge. I will use you as you used me. For my own pleasure."
She saw panic and shame in his dark eyes.
"No, no. You cannot, woman. It is not honorable. For my people it is...forbidden."
Kalanya laughed coldly.
"Then you will know how I felt that day, beast."
She saw a sort of grim determination enter his eyes as he listened to her words.
"Say what you like. My body is my own, and it will defy your efforts."
Annette's eyes glittered ferociously.
"We shall see about that, beast."
She turned away from him, walking to a corner of the small room. A small pail of water lay there, with a clean strip of cloth next to it. Lifting it, Kalanya set it down next to the prostrate Beastman.
"First, I will clean your filthy body. You are not yet fit for purpose, my prisoner."
Dipping the cloth in the cool water, she wrung it out and began to rub gently at his hairy body.
He strained against the manacles, but they were secure and he could not escape her ministrations. She cleaned him slowly, running her hands up and down his tight, muscular body. She thrilled at the feel of his hard muscles, bunched under his skin. All that raw power, just aching to burst out from him.
But she would not allow it. Not on his terms.
As Kalanya gently cleaned him, he made noises of impotent frustration, but did not speak. His dark eyes were fixed on her, following the movements of her caressing hands.
After his torso was cleaned and free of dirt, she moved onto his legs. Beginning at his feet, she worked her way up, until she reached the thickness of his inner thighs.
Here she slowed down, covertly observing him as she gently rubbed at the surprisingly tender skin.
He had now screwed his eyes closed, to try and distract his mind from the feel of her hands. He was trying to control his body, to not give in to the carnal lust that she knew he was feeling.

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Published October 12, 2012 16 pages
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