Breeding the Queen by Natalia Darque
Sex Slaves of the Amazon (Sex Slaves of the Amazons)

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Melanippe, Queen of the Amazons is leading a heroic retreat from the defeated city of Troy. She discovers Greek warriors pursuing them after the battle and sets a skillful ambush.
The Amazons need men to replinish their depleted ranks.
Read further to find out what happens with Melanippe and the Greeks.

An excerpt from Sex Slaves of the Amazons: Captured by the Queen:

Her mind heavy with thoughts of home, Melanippe and Telamon had ridden much of the day silently. She was growing to enjoy the company of Telamon. He was intelligent and quick witted, and had relaxed in his formality as Melanippe had eased up on hers. While he was technically her slave, she began to feel almost as if he was a good friend rather than a servant. However, mindful of his place, Telamon was careful to ensure that his role was subservient to Melanippe, especially when others were in earshot.
After days of travel, Melanippe felt the dirt, dust and grit of their travels cling heavy on her skin. She felt dirty, and desperately wanted to get clean.
“Telamon, is there anywhere close that I could bathe?” she asked that evening after darkness had settled over the camp.
“Yes, Your Highness. There’s a brook over that way where I got water.” He motioned down a slight incline to their front. “The water is deep, but not running fast. It’s clear and not too cold.”
“Will you come stand guard over me while I bathe?”
Telamon acted stunned a bit, and paused.
“Certainly, Your Highness,” he finally said.
She got up and began walking in the direction he had indicated. Their camp was pitched at the edge of a wood line, just inside the trees. She walked deeper in the woods, her path inclining downwards as she followed the contours of the ground. Within just a few seconds, she heard the sound of gently running water which carried gently through the windless and motionless air.
Soon the brook came into view in the darkness. Her eyes, away from the campfire had settled in to her excellent night vision, and with the bright moon above, she could clearly make out details. She walked down to the edge of the water. The water was clear and deep as Telamon had described. In the bright moonlight, she could clearly she the shapes of small fish darting about in the stream.
Walking down the edge of the bank, she delicately dipped the tip of one toe into the water. It was, again, as Telamon described. Refreshingly cool, but not cold.
Turning to Telamon, she began to disrobe. Surprised, he cast his eyes downward, and then turned around.
“You don’t have to do that,” she told him.
He paused, and then turned back around.
At nearly six feet in height, blonde hair and big breasts she had inherited from her mother, Melanippe knew she was attractive to men. Her recent times of strife at Troy, the short rations, and the hard fighting had left her in peak shape. She felt, and looked muscled and hard, but not in a bulky, manly sort of way. She felt good about the way she looked.
She decided she would find out if Telamon thought the same.
With her weapons belt cast to the ground at her feet, she shucked off her armored breastplate and girdle, and untied and kicked off her ragged sandals. She was left only with the linen and flax padding garments worn underneath them. She peeled the linen top off over her head, standing before Telamon bare-breasted.
Even in the darkness, she could sense his eyes widen, and saw a faint slash of white as his lips parted in a smile.
She pulled her bottoms down from the waistband and stepped out of them. She was standing before her Greek slave completely nude, but feeling strangely alive and very much like a woman.
Then she turned and stepped right to the water’s edge, facing away from Telamon. Putting her hands over her head, she dived from the bank, launching herself several feet into the water. She felt the cool sensation of the water engulfing her and pulling her down.

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Published March 19, 2012 by Darque of Night Publishing. 32 pages
Genres: Erotica, Literature & Fiction, History. Fiction

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