Breeding with the Beast by Jessi Bond
Parts I and II (Monster Breeding Gangbang Erotica)

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This 14,000 word erotica collection contains the previously-published Breeding with the Beast and Breeding with the Beast 2: Mate to the Monsters.

Breeding with the Beast
Beauty's heard tales of a fearsome beast living in the dark forest that now lies between her and home. But she always thought they were myths. Until now. When captured, she imagines she'll go to any lengths to escape from his clutches - until she learns that he is human, and the victim of a terrible curse, who can only be freed if she agrees to bear his child. Will Beauty find it in her heart to free the beast? Warning! This story contains 6,700 words including kidnapping, imprisonment, monster sex, and breeding. Adults only!

Breeding with the Beast 2: Mate to the Monsters
In this standalone follow-up to Breeding With the Beast, the newly-pregnant Beauty's happily-ever-after is threatened when the same witch who cursed her lover into a beast many years ago returns, enraged that he was able to break her bewitchment. She turns him back into a monster, this time without an escape clause. Determined to change him back, Beauty and the beast journey to the witch's lair to strike a deal. Along the way, Beauty uses her feminine wiles - and then some - to appease a big, bad werewolf and a territorial cave troll. But how far will she go to save the prince? And will the queen's depraved bargain involving her minotaur army be too much for even Beauty to handle? Warning! This 7,300 word story contains rough sex with monsters, cuckolding, and a minotaur gangbang. Adults only!

- Excerpt from Breeding with the Beast -

The beast leaned down and nuzzled her breasts through the fabric of her dress, until she shivered and grabbed the fur on the sides of his head. He plucked hesitantly at the laces of her dress, his claws ill-equipped to unlace them properly. But when she sighed and arched encouragingly up towards him, he growled softly and ripped it open, just like in her dream.

As her dress fell away, she stretched out on the bed like a virgin sacrifice, feeling reckless and wanton. Her feelings for this beast didn’t make sense, and she didn’t want them to - she just wanted to feel him, wanted him to plant his seed inside of her. She pulled herself upright and reached out towards his hardening member, wanting to feel it twitch and grow in her hand. She could hardly get her fist around it, but she tried, relishing the soft noises he made as she stroked it clumsily. It was hot and stiff, and the head of it swelled a little as she watched.

On impulse, she leaned forward and lapped at it with her tongue, as he had done to her. He let out a shaky groan. He tasted musky, earthy, like something just picked out of the garden. Below his rod, a large sac hung low and heavy, like a prize stallion. Beauty reached down and cupped one of his balls in her hand, as well as she could, squeezing ever so gently. His claws flexed.

“Lie down,” he rumbled, and Beauty obeyed, collapsing back onto the mattress. He took hold of her legs, one in each hand, pushing them upwards so that her knees were slightly bent and her sex was completely exposed and open to him.

“This will hurt,” he said.

Beauty nodded and closed her eyes.

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Published November 15, 2012 42 pages
Genres: Erotica, Literature & Fiction, Science Fiction & Fantasy. Fiction

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