Catgirl 2-Pack by Luna Loupe
Orc Women & Tentacles (fantasy erotica bundle)

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Save $1 and get twice the fantasy catgirl erotica with this bundle! Kelssi is an adventuring catgirl with lots of room in her heart for the people she meets on her travels - and an incredible libido. In this bundle she makes a deal with a lonely tentacle monster and lends a hand to her orc friend. This 7250 word bundle includes explicit sex involving tentacles, lesbians and one frisky catgirl!

Read an excerpt from The Catgirl and the Tentacle Monster:

Glylls doesn’t speak, but its tentacle moves over to me, hovering within my reach now. I reach out to touch it gently, claws carefully sheathed as I touch strange skin. It’s cool and wet, tapering to a blunt point, and I think the strange bumps are the vestigial remnants of suckers.

I lean forward and with feline delicacy I lap my tongue against the smooth wet skin, just once. It tastes wet and clean and in my head I hear – feel – something like a gasp. Well, that’s my mind made up. I shrug off my bag, belt and knife sheaths – all of them, even the little hidden ones – and set them carefully in the corner before stepping to the edge of the pool.

“Yes,” I say. The water bubbles and then more tentacles, some like the first, some with a rounded bulge at their tips, burst out. Some of them extend over to me, lifting me into the air, peeling away my clothes as easily as I might peel an orange. After only a moment they’ve left me naked, a tentacle each supporting my wrists, ankles and waist, suspending me over the pool. My tail is up, coiling in the air – it always does betray my mood.

Read an excerpt from The Catgirl and the Orc Woman:

I stood up with a small yawn. The room was dark now, lit by one candle. Kelssi must have prepared for sleep while I dozed: she was in a simple shift as well, one that could not have fit comfortably beneath her usual tightly fitting leather guards and rough trousers.

Her tail coiled and lashed behind her, a sure sign of some sort of nervous energy but no great help in working out what was wrong.

“What’s wrong, Florence?” she asked me.

I hesitated: it would be easy to lie, but Kelssi was a friend, even if she was not as close to me as Chastity. It wouldn’t hurt to talk to her.

“I’ve… been a little bit on edge,” I said, reluctantly. “Some personal issues,” I added. There was a weird tension to Kelssi that I didn’t recognize, and I had an odd feeling that she didn’t have a simple heart-to-heart in mind.

Kelssi stepped closer to me, the flame of the single candle flickering in her eyes. Something else was reflected in her stare, some strange hunger I had never seen before, and I stood before her as transfixed as a trapped mouse.

“Florence,” she breathed, lightly resting her hands on my hips. I could feel the tips of her claws through my shift. She leaned forward. “Why don’t you relax for once? I can help you,” she whispered into my ear.

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Published July 24, 2012 23 pages
Genres: Erotica, Literature & Fiction, Gay & Lesbian. Fiction

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