Centaurs, Mermen And Minotaurs by Gia Vanna
(The Greek Gangbang Trilogy)

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Three short stories in one! Jo and Eloise find that myth and reality collide when they meet some sexy centaurs, go on a wild ride with some mermen, and explore light bondage in a minotaur playroom. 15,000 words, previous published as three ebooks.

The man came towards them with a leisurely stride. His stomach was firm with the sixpack clearly defined. As he got closer, Eloise noticed that he was covered all over with light hair – not just the horse part of him, but his chest and arms and shoulders too. He had an angular jaw and deep dark eyes.
He smiled and greeted them in Greek.
Jo and Eloise looked at each other in panic. Eloise dredged up what she'd cribbed from her phrasebook on the flight over. "Kalimera…?"
The centaur laughed. "Good morning? No. Hello. Yia sas. What brings you here?"
Eloise looked at Jo but she was dumb with confusion and fear. "A man at a nightclub told us to walk this way."
"Did he? For any purpose? What are you looking for?"
Eloise's heart thudded into her dry mouth. But honesty was part of her core nature. "Alcohol, sex, myth, culture and relaxation," she blurted.
The centaur shifted his weight and flicked his tail. "Welcome, then! My name is Nikos. Come and join us by the fire. We can start with a drink."
He turned and the girls followed, almost like they were on autopilot. "Start with a drink?" Jo whispered in Eloise's ear. "Oh god. You don't think…"
Eloise watched the powerful haunches of Nikos as he walked easily over the sands. His muscles bunched and rolled beneath his chestnut sheen. "I hope so," she said, and Jo gasped.
"Seriously…? You'd….?"
"You know what I said before, about not finding men attractive any more?"
Jo gulped and nodded.
"Well," Eloise went on. "I must have been looking in the wrong place."
Jo squeaked, but said nothing.
As they approached the group around the fire, the other centaurs looked up and greeted them. Nikos said a few words in Greek to them, and they smiled at Jo and Eloise warmly.
"Welcome," said one, handing glasses to them both. Another poured some rich-smelling wine from a large amphora. They were urged to sit on cushions by the fire, and relax as the chat went on around them.
Jo hugged her knees close to her chest but Eloise was properly happy for the first time in many months. She gazed around with a smile on her face, and was met by the smiling faces of the centaurs.
Nikos dropped to his knees and then down onto his belly beside her. "Is the wine to your taste?"
"Oh yes, thank you."
"How else can we serve you?" he asked.
Eloise looked deep into his liquid eyes. Was he really asking what she thought he was asking? Her stomach tightened with hopeful need.
"I…don't know," she said shyly.
She looked down at the wine glass held in her hands, and tried to frame a question about what he was offering. He sensed her awkwardness and reached out a strong brown hand to cup her chin.
"Look up, beautiful one. What's your name?"
"Eloise," she stammered, hypnotised by his low, seductive voice and the warmth of his touch.
"Eloise, don't be nervous and don't be afraid to speak your need. The deepest human desires, they are natural. To be loved. To be protected. To be needed. To … need."
He tipped her head back and kissed her on the lips. It was a kiss of wet desire, hot tongue exploring her mouth, sucking on her, tasting her. She fell forwards and he caught her up in his arms, then with a thrust he launched to his feet, still clutching her tightly so that she was lifted right up into the air. His arms held her close and she could do nothing but relax in his immense safety.
His mouth left hers and she gasped in the sea salt air. "Nikos…"
"How else can we serve you?" he asked again.

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Published September 15, 2012 49 pages
Genres: Erotica, Literature & Fiction. Fiction

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