Cheating Housewives Knocked Up by Natalia Darque
The Sperm Donor

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Krystall, a kept woman, is 20 years the junior to a husband that keeps her as a trophy wife. Wanting a baby, he refused to admit that the problem is his. After ungoing fertility tests, Krystall knows the problem istn't hers. When her husband still refused to get tested, and refusing to put up with his verbal abuse anymore, she takes matters into her own hands.

She finds a live sperm donor!

This is a 5,000 word short story, exclusive of legaleze and excerpts.

Here is an excerpt from Cheating Housewives Knocked Up: The Sperm Donor:

As she listened to her husband bitch and complain, it occurred to Krystall that she was SO over this.
Her husband was, as usual, berating her for not being able to produce a child. They had tried for three years, since the day of their marriage. Every night, he pushed his stubby little excuse for a cock into her, moved it back and forth a few times, and then dumped what he expected would be sufficient to father a child into her pussy.
Tonight, she decided to stand up to him. He was leaving in the morning on a business trip, and would be gone for a month in China.
“Just, who do you expect to satisfy with that thing?” she asked. Motioning in the direction of his tiny cock, she still didn’t expect the answer she got.
“What are you kidding me?” her husband shot back. “Me!…Are you fucking nuts?”
Realizing the depths of his narcissism, she was coldly furious.
She was so ready for him to leave and be gone for a month.
She simply asked, “Do you need a ride to the airport, or will you catch a cab?”
“I’ll catch a cab. I wouldn’t want to bother you.”
His answer was music to her ears.
“That’s fine with me,” she shot back.
Krystall’s husband was nearly 20 years her senior. He married her to have a trophy wife, and practically demanded that they have a child. She was young and gorgeous, and he was old, wrinkled, pot-bellied and nearly bald.
He had one fucked up daughter from a previous marriage. He was convinced that he was capable of fathering a child, and insisted that their infertility was due to some problem with her. To make sure, Krystall had consulted a fertility expert and learned that there were no problems with her plumbing.
When she told her husband, he refused to have tests conducted to check his fertility, insisting that his ability to father a child 25 years before meant that his reproductive system worked. She was skeptical.
Krystall knew that there nothing wrong with her. At 32, she stood 5’5” and weighed in at 115 pounds. Daily running and workouts kept her in great shape. She had a trim little ass and lithe frame, topped by natural and firm D-cup breasts. Her long straight brunette hair capped her appearance. Her eyes were blue and bright.
Her husband adored taking her to social occasions, with her hanging on his arm. It was in between those few and far between events that he sucked as a husband. Arrogant and overbearing, he was beginning to grate on her badly.
She was ready for something to give.

The Next Day, Chicago, Illinois

The next evening, Krystall met her friend Joanna at a downtown hotel bar for drinks. Joanna was her crazy friend. Wild and uninhibited, she had the capability to shock Krystall with her frank discussions, and stories about her sexual exploits. Tonight, Joanna was regaling her with tales of her latest romance. Joanna had met a professional football player named Marc at a swinger’s party. She went on in agonizing detail about the amazing sex she had, how huge Marc’s cock was, and how insatiable he was.
Joanna finally came up for air, and said, “Krystall, you’re very quiet tonight. What’s wrong?”
Joanna told her about the fight she had with her husband. She listened attentively as Krystall told of her husband’s refusal to get himself tested for fertility, and how he berated her as if it was her fault.
“And he’s going to be gone for a month, you said?” Joanna asked.
“Yeah, thank god!” said Krystall.

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Published October 29, 2011 by Darque of Night Publishing. 18 pages
Genres: Erotica, Literature & Fiction. Fiction

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