Confessions of a Sorority Girl by Natalia Darque
Breaking in a Virgin

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Natalia Darque continues her autobiographical series about forbidden interracial romances in conservative 1980's Texas.

In this chapter, she undertakes to "show the ropes" to a younger black man from the fraternity next door, who is inexplicably still a virgin.

An excerpt from Breaking In A Virgin:

I dressed for the next night. I was very excited. I wore a very tight ivory sweater dress that barely covered me and tightly hugged my curves. I had on no underwear.
I found myself trembling with excitement at the thought of being with someone who had no experience. The thought of being his first, and knowing that I could teach him about sex was such an incredible aphrodisiac. I was nearly dripping wet by the time I walked past my sorority sisters and went next door to the Omega House.
When I walked in, found only Drake was there. Looking around, I realized that the house was empty.
“Reggie is waiting in his room. I only told him I had a surprise for him. I didn’t say what,” he said.
“Where’s everybody else?” I asked.
“Everyone went out clubbing tonight. I’m going to join them when you get started,” Drake said.
“You don’t want to watch?” I asked.
“No. Not this time. Maybe later. Is that cool?” he asked.
“If it’s cool with you,” I said. “Are you sure you’re OK with this?” I asked.
“Hey baby, this is all about you. If this is what you want, I’m fine with it.” Drake said reasonably.
“OK, then,” I said nervously. “Wish me luck!”
“Drake laughed and said, “I should have wished him luck. A virgin trying to keep up with you is going to have his hands full.”
I stuck my tongue out at Drake and flipped him the bird.
He leaned over and kissed me gently.
“Have fun, baby,” he said softly.
“OK,” I said and then paused.
“Thanks,” I added.
With a smile, he left me alone in the house. I went to find Reggie.
Knowing which room he shared with a roommate, I gently knocked on his door. From within I heard a voice say, “Come in!”
Opening the door, I stuck my head in and saw Reggie reclining on his bed. An open textbook was spread across his chest.
Startled, he looked at me and said, “Hi Miss Natalia!”
“Whatcha doin’?” I asked him.
“I don’t really know. Drake said to wait here, that he had a surprise for me to celebrate my initiation. So I’m waiting for him to get here.”
Walking into the room, I closed the door behind me. I reached for the door knob and locked the door. His eyes widened.
“Actually Drake asked me to explain your surprise to you.” I said.
“He did?” I could sense he was getting very nervous.
“W-w-w-what is i-i-it?” he managed to stammer out.
“Would you believe that I’m your surprise?” I asked.
“But what about Drake? I don’t want him getting mad at me! He’d kill me if he knew any of this!” Reggie tried to reason with me.
“What if I told you that he knows about this?” I asked.
“And he’s cool with it?” Reggie asked in stunned disbelief.
Leaning close to him where our lips nearly touched, I whispered, “Who do you think help me set this up?”
“Oh Miss Natalia, I can’t believe this is happening to me,” he whispered back. “I’ve dreamed about you so many times.”
Leaning forward and lightly touching his lips with mine I asked, “Dreamed or fantasized?”
“Fantasized,” he said with a nervous gulp.
“Tell me about your fantasy. I want to hear every detail,” I whispered breathily.
“Well, we were, uh, er,” he paused, embarrassed to say it, “having sex,” he finally said.
Touching his lips gently again, I whispered, “you mean fucking?”
His Adams apple lurched dramatically up and down as he swallowed nervously.
“Yeah,” he managed to croak out.
“Would you like to live out your fantasy?” I whispered as I gently placed kisses around his lips.
“Oh my god, yes!” he exclaimed, “but, there’s something I want you to know.”
Gathering his courage, he manfully said, “I’ve never done this before.”
Placing my lips fully against his, I darted my tongue between my parted lips and found his lips.

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Published October 26, 2011 by Darque of Night Publishing. 24 pages
Genres: Erotica, Literature & Fiction. Fiction

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