Crammin' For The Exam by Samantha LaCroix
(A hardcore anal sex story with a lap dance and deep throating)

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Note: This story was previously published under the title Crammin' For The Exam.

Darryl's got an exam to study for, but his girlfriend Holly has other plans. When she discovers how good it feels to touch a certain place on her body, she wants to explore it and go further -- further than either of them have been before!

Warning: This 5000-word story contains detailed descriptions of sex. For mature audiences only.

She pushed her body back against Darryl's and this time it took a conscious effort of Darryl's not to grab onto her body. Holly kept grinding herself into Darryl as she leaned her head back, next to his. Darryl closed his eyes as he breathed in her scent. He wanted so much to touch her, to feel her with his hands, but he couldn't. The feeling of having to restrain himself was exquisite.

Holly stopped grinding and sat down on Darryl's lap, only to grab his hands in hers. Holding the backs of his hands, she guided them to her stomach, where she ran them up and down, along her flat, taut tummy. Darryl closed his eyes as she ran them first down, to her thighs and in toward her body a bit, then up her stomach to her chest. She moved his hands overtop of her chest, forcing him to squeeze it. Darryl was getting more flustered by the second as he felt her against his body, and she must have noticed because she shifted in his lap, giving him more space to move.

"Mmm," Holly moaned as she ran Darryl's hands down her body again to the bottom of her t-shirt, then slipped his fingers underneath the fabric so that they were against her bare skin. She ran them up again, this time allowing him to feel the sensual softness of her bare stomach, up to the bottom of her chest. However, just as his fingers ached to grab her chest again, she brought them back to the armrests and let go of them.

Darryl's self-restraint let go and he moved his hands back to Holly's chest. However, she grabbed onto them and put them back in their place with surprising strength.

"No," she said, with force. "No touching. Just watch."


Feeling along the contours of her bottom, she could feel her heartbeat quicken as her fingertips got close to the spot. Then, when they finally touched it, she felt a swell inside her bosom, like her heart had skipped a beat. Her body became more sensitive, and somehow she felt closer, more intimate to Darryl as he continued what he was doing.

Holly ran her fingers around the spot, exploring, testing out what felt nice. So far as she could tell, it all did. She tried pushing the tip of her middle finger inside, and was rewarded with a pleasant surge deep in her guts. It felt warm and fulfilling, and she wanted more. She kept pushing her finger against the spot, timing it with the movement of Darryl's body.

After doing this for a while, Holly soon realized that it wasn't enough. She wanted more. She wanted something inside of her, and her finger just wouldn't do. Not believing she was about to suggest this, Holly leaned her head back and, with her heart beating like a madwoman, whispered Darryl's name.

"Yeah?" Darryl answered, and Holly had to steel herself before she was able to say what she wanted to.

"I think ... I think I want you to do more."

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Published November 21, 2013 15 pages
Genres: Erotica, Literature & Fiction. Fiction

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