Curves For His Desire by Denise Avery
(The Billionaire's Curvy Submissive Parts 2&3) (BBW Billionaire Erotica)

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Part 2:
Unable to tear her mind away from the man of her rather illicit dreams, Claire is at a loss as to how she'll ever be able continue on without him.

Despite a stirring pep talk from her happily promiscuous best friend Savannah, Claire can't begin to imagine an affair with a married man—especially one who is married to her boss, horrible though she may be.

While enjoying a well-deserved day off, Claire is irked to receive an assignment from said boss to fetch some important documents uptown, but her mood improves quite a bit when she arrives at the errand's end only to find her mystery man waiting.

Alone with the object of her fantasies, will Claire have the nerve to take what she wants by force?

Part 3:
Buoyed by the consummation of her obsession with Parker, Claire is finally ready to dive into a new world of sexual experimentation that has so long been closed to her.

The advent of her raucous affair with an older man affords Claire the courage to stand up to her ridiculous puppy of a boyfriend and toothpick shrew of a boss.

She is even able to receive the illicit advances of her best friend Savannah, when an evening of instruction gets particularly hands-on.

Wrangling this new sexual energy for Parker, Claire returns to his sexy hideaway ready for anything.

And when she confesses her new explorations, Parker is more than happy to further pummel away at the edges of her boundaries.

A small taste of what's inside:

“I want you to destroy me.” she whispered, looking deeply into Parker’s ice blue eyes.
“Be careful what you wish for,” Parker said. His hand left her shoulder and locked securely onto her throat. “You might just get it.”

The sudden restriction of her breathing sent a rush of delight through Claire’s body. Spots danced across her vision, obscuring her view of Parker’s lustful gaze. As he held her tightly by the neck, she let out a little whimper. The sound surprised them both. He was surprised to hear her intimate sounds for the first time, excited to explore the range of her voice, as it were. She was surprised too by this strange, dark world that was unfolding before her.

“Let’s get you out of this dirty dress,” Parker said quietly. He made it sound like a threat. With his free hand, he pushed the hem of her cotton dress up over her body, revealing her naked flesh inch-by-inch. He groaned at the sight of her pale, strapping thighs, the soft expanse of her belly, the hips that looked like they should be grabbed onto as handles during a vigorous fuck.

“I’m sorry about your coffee cup,” Claire breathed, her words coming out labored and slow. “I didn’t mean to break it.”

Parker’s hands abandoned their post at Claire’s throat and tangled themselves in her hair. He tightened his grip, wrenching her head backward. “I’ll make you sorry. You don’t even know what sorry is yet. What are you, twenty six?”

“Twenty two.” Her eyes teared up—she felt like he was going to scalp her.
“Twenty two?” he moaned, and she swore she could feel him get harder at the very thought of it. “Have you even been with a real man?”

“Never,” she whispered. “You’re the first man I’ve ever—”
“You must be so tight,” he said, and before she could reply, he let his hand descend to her crotch. The moment his fingers pushed aside the thin fabric of her panties, she felt like she was being touched for the first time. He grinned down at her, “So you do want me, then? You’re so wet, I could slide my fist right—”

“Don’t worry, kid,” he said, “I don’t want to break you just yet.”
He slipped two thick, firm fingers into her pussy and gasped at how untouched, how virginal she felt. She was drowning in the sensation of him entering her when his thumb found its way to her clit. She drew in a sharp breath, arching her back with the sweeping wave of pleasure that gushed over her.

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Published September 2, 2012 33 pages
Genres: Erotica, Literature & Fiction. Fiction