Dance with a Demon III by Pen Penguin
(Paranormal mmmmf gangbang orgasm denial erotic romance)

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Siela, the young witch is at her wit's end. The last two times she's tried to capture the demon, Travinsky have both ended in failure. She's got a desperate plan that may just be the key to her plight. But if not, it'll be the third time that she fails, and likely her last. 3865 words with mmmm/f gangbang, cunnilingus, double penetration, and dubious consent. Adults only! All characters over 18.


All too soon, she felt herself becoming hot and bothered. Her body began to squirm and writhe at their touches, unable to control itself. Her limbs flexed and pulled, struggling against their bonds. Her mouth laid agape, panting and moaning. Her crotch moistened, readying her vagina for insertion. Her eyes glazed over, unable to stay focused on the men working her all over. The sensations kept building and building. In no time at all, an immense feeling welled up inside her, priming her for release. It was building up so quickly, such that Siela was afraid she would cum without them ever touching her genitals.

Their affectionate caresses continued to stroke her inner fire incessantly. She felt her outer garment being torn up. Her breasts popped out of their cloth prison, nipples perky and hard. They were soon devoured by the demons on either side of her, suckling and biting, softly and tenderly. Her head stiffened, then relaxed as fingers delicately traced along her collarbone, teasing at the sides of her neckline. When she felt the lower half of her dress being lifted up and her panties coming loose, she knew she would not be able to hold on. A second later, a long tongue, warm and wet, flicked over her slit and ran up against her exposed clit. Siela gasped lewdly, arched her back hard, and was ready to lose herself to her greatest orgasm yet.

"Ahh... ahhhn..?"

But, it didn't come. Something was wrong. She was definitely getting aroused. Extremely aroused. But despite that, she couldn't feel the tell-tale signs of an on-coming orgasm anywhere inside of her. The tongue came down again, twisting around her clit, causing her to throw her head back and moan. She felt their hands feeling up her torso and shoulders, their warm mouths teasing her tits to luscious peaks. All of it was fueling her aching desire to release, but none of it was actually allowing her to let go. Somewhere deep inside of her, there was some kind of blockade, preventing her from cumming, from reveling in the intense release that only an orgasm could bring. Briefly, she thought back to what Travinsky had said before they had begun.

"Oh... oh no..!"

"Have you figured it out? You've been placed under my hypnotism. It will be impossible for you to know the sweet release of orgasm for the next several hours, no matter how much you might desire it. Can you bear this intoxicating yearning without losing your mind?"

As if to prove his point, the demon between her legs squeezed his tongue into her vagina, fondling her insides with passionate ardor. Siela cried out as the stimulation flooded her senses, struggling to maintain her sanity and conscious thought.

"Ahh... Ahhhhn~..!"

"I look forward to watching you struggle against your fate. Who knows? Maybe you really will be able to tolerate this overwhelming lust. You certainly have piqued my interest. So please, do not disappoint me."

They were getting more rough with their stimulations now. Siela felt her thigh muscles and butt being squeezed and pinched. Hands were pushing and massaging roughly against her hips, waist, and crotch. She gave a small cry when incisors bit down on her nipples, then moaned as they suckled fiercely, pulling on her breasts. Her arms continued to be caressed tenderly, in striking contrast to the rough treatment of her lower torso. But even that was effective in causing her to writhe and twist, unable to stop herself from gyrating her hips in a most lewd manner.

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Published June 1, 2012 12 pages
Genres: Erotica, Literature & Fiction. Fiction

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