Dominating the Boss by Justine Snowe
(M/f Reluctant Rough BDSM Erotica)

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Jessica Steele is a ruthless, heartless ice queen, and David's boss. When she denies David the vacation he's been planning for months, it's the last straw, and he explodes. Imagine his surprise when she pulls out a collar, puts it around her neck, and kneels before him, begging him to punish her! This 3700 word story contains leashes, riding crops, and plenty of kinky, BDSM sex!

David’s jaw dropped. No, this cannot be happening, he thought. “But, but…” he trailed off. If Ms. Steele saw the anguish in his face, she didn’t seem to care.

“But what, Mr. Boyd?” Her tone was sharp and icy.

“But I have plans this weekend, and I requested the time off months ago!” He raised his voice. He knew fighting back wasn’t the right tactic to take with Ms. Steele, but he couldn’t hold it back.

“What you have, Mr. Boyd, is a job,” she stressed acidly, “and I expect you to do it. Is that clear?” One perfectly waxed blonde eyebrow rose slightly, and he saw the corner of her mouth twitch upwards ever so slightly. Is she really going to sit there and fucking smile at me while she dicks me over?

“You…” he cut himself off as he exhaled loudly. ‘Bitch’ is what he desperately wanted to say, but he knew better than to say it out loud. As much as he hated Ms. Steele, he needed this job.

She stood up from her chair and took a step towards him. Even though she was almost a foot shorter than he was despite her high heels, she always had a way of making anyone feel shorter than her. “What, Mr. Boyd? What am I?” he felt his jaw clench involuntarily, struggling to told back the word. When he didn’t speak, she raised her own voice. “I asked you a question, Mr. Boyd!”

David snapped. “You’re a bitch!” he shouted down at her. “A cold, heartless, spiteful bitch!” As soon as he heard what he said, he knew that he was done for, but he didn’t care, and no way in hell would he apologize. Screw needing the job, screw needing the vacation, he needed this.

Her smile grew slightly, and if he had been afraid of her, he should be terrified now. However, he had slipped past fear into anger. He knew that she loved it when people quailed before her wrath, and it wouldn’t give her that for all the money in the world.

Ms. Steele turned on her heel and bent over, opening the bottom drawer of her desk, probably pulling out a termination form already filled out with his name on it. Her ass stuck up in the air, tight and round in her skirt, but David couldn’t see anything sexy about her.

Which is exactly why his mind ground to a halt when she stood back up and turned to face him, holding a collar, a leash, and a riding crop. David’s jaw dropped once more. What the fuck is going on? He wasn’t capable of thinking anything else.

She stepped towards him, drawing uncomfortably close. He could smell her perfume, floral with a touch of spice. It might have been arousing, if he knew that it wasn’t just another part of the façade. Her smile was wider now, and as wicked as a shark’s. Is she going to blackmail me into being some kinky sex slave for her?

David took a deep breath, ready to explode, to let loose with every terrible thing he had ever thought about her, but he was still too shocked to form a single word. As he sputtered wordlessly, he watched as she slowly undid the buckle on the collar, and opened it wide.

He thought he was confused before, but when she put the collar around her own neck, and fell to her knees in front of him, that’s when he learned what confused really meant.

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Published March 29, 2012 13 pages
Genres: Erotica, Literature & Fiction. Fiction

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