Doubled by Lula Lisbon
An Erotic Science Fiction Novelette [Threesome First Time Lesbian Femdom FMF Fisting BDSM Erotica]

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Dr. Rachelle is a beautiful ex-model now working on top-secret government technology. After observing cloned lab animals recognize each other, a crazy idea strikes her: if she were the first to clone a human, she'd go down in the history books! Money and fame dance in her head -- but in the back of her mind, she's always secretly wanted to be with another woman. What will happen when she first sees her clone and finds that she is far more dominant than the original? And will Rachelle's boyfriend, Paul, enjoy this intriguing turn of events just as much?

This 12,183-word erotic novelette is intended for adults only. It contains first-time lesbian sex, fisting, squirting, oral sex, anal, cock-sucking, bisexuality, BDSM, bondage, threesome sex, menage, and more! Not for the closed-minded!


She took my hand and traced the lines in my palm with one gentle fingertip. “We can find out,” she told me, meeting my eyes with an intensity that brought another hot blush to my cheeks.

I arched an eyebrow, heart suddenly beating too fast. “Find out what?” I tried to muster as much innocence in my tone as I could. She gazed at me steadily, an odd look on her face, and I felt a delicious rush through my entire body. It really was like looking in a living mirror, yet at the same time we were distinct — and I couldn’t stop thinking about her naked under that lab coat, how absolutely sexy she was, how I wanted to taste every inch of her skin. I’d been dreaming of kissing another woman for so long, but I’d always been too busy or too scared to ever do anything about it. Looking into her eyes, I knew she knew everything: all my secret hopes, fantasies, and desires, because she’d had them as well. Captivated by her, I was drowning in her gaze, even as my heart pounded anxiously.

“Whether this counts as masturbation,” Lily replied, grinning impishly. “But I’m going to say it doesn’t, because there’s two people here.”

Slowly, Lily trailed soft fingertips down my cheek, smiling as I pushed my face into her hand like a cat starved for attention. Her eyes dropped from mine to watch her fingers’ descent along the line of my collar, skimming the cleavage just slightly revealed by my button-up shirt. I shivered with desire and anticipation, my breath coming harder. My eyes drifted closed as she slid into my lap, soft lips grazing the hot, hard pulse of my neck. She planted tiny kisses in a staccato line, making her way down to the opening of my shirt. The oversized lab coat slipped again from her shoulders; she shrugged it impatiently off, letting it fall to the floor, before returning her attentions to my exposed skin. My hands snuck around her bare waist and I traced her slim curves, so familiar yet so strange.

I felt almost as if I were out of my body, as if I were someone else, or in a dream as someone else. This was the most erotic experience I’d ever had, and no man had ever excited me like this, had ever felt this good, had ever known just how to touch me. Lily’s skin was so silky, and I couldn’t get enough of her. I held her shoulders, keeping her close, as her hot little tongue darted out to taste the valley of my cleavage. My head fell back as she laved my breasts, yanking open my shirt to expose them further. My nipples were almost painfully hard, pebbled in my white lace bra. Lily caught them between thumb and forefinger, rolling them through the thin fabric, and I groaned as I felt my pussy soaking through my panties.

She pulled my face to hers, and I gasped as her lips met mine; it was my first kiss with another woman, and my heart skipped a beat. Her skin was so smooth, her lips inviting and warm, her hair falling in wisps of silk against me. Though I’d pictured it many times, I couldn’t have imagined how wonderful it truly was to kiss another beautiful woman. Lily’s wet tongue slipped inside my mouth, insistent and demanding.

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Published June 29, 2012 44 pages
Genres: Erotica, Literature & Fiction, Gay & Lesbian. Fiction

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