Dressing Up Becky by Erika L. Foster
My First Lesbian Experience

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Jessica has always been there for her best friend Becky. When Becky gets a date, Jess is the first person she calls! Jessica agrees to help get Becky dressed and ready for her date... but when Becky strips in front of Jessica, she realizes just how sexy her BFF is! Could Jess be a lesbian? Becky decides to find out... the only way she knows how! 4200 words, contains f/f sex.


“Touch me,” she said. She grabbed my hands and put them over her tits. I closed my eyes and nearly moaned at the feeling. Without thinking, I tilted my face upward and kissed her. I reached around to her back and unzipped the dress I’d zipped up just moments earlier. It fell to the floor.
“Jessie,” Becky said slowly, “this is...”
“Crazy,” I said weakly.
“Heaven,” she murmured. Her eyes fluttered shut and she leaned into me for yet another kiss. We didn’t break apart this time, our hands blindly roaming each other’s bodies. Becky pulled my skirt off. We separated briefly, as briefly as we could manage, so she could pull my tank top over my head. Becky’s eyes skirted over my body. “Jess, you’re beautiful,” she said quietly. I blushed.
Becky kissed me softly as her hands reached behind me. She deftly undid my bra. As she slid the straps off my arms, I reached down between her thighs. Her sex was radiating heat that I could feel even before I touched her. I softly brushed my fingers against the fabric of her panties. Becky pressed her hips into my hand. I touched her harder, feeling the bump of her clit beneath the cloth. I rubbed it gently. Becky reached up and grabbed my tits. She gently pushed me on the chest. I took her cue and fell onto the bed, pulling her with me. Becky was on top of me, our lips still locked. I grabbed her ass. It was as firm and as soft as I’d imagined, the roundness filling my hands deliciously. I slid my thumbs underneath the waistband of her panties. Becky raised her hips off me, allowing me to slide the garment down. When they were off, she pressed her body down into mine. I could feel her tits pushing against mine, the smooth mound of her pussy grinding against my own. I traced my fingers along the curve of her spine up to her bra strap. Fumbling slightly in my nervousness, I undid the clasp and tugged the straps off her shoulders. She pulled away again to let me discard the bra. Our naked tits were pressing together. I could feel her erect nipples poking into my skin. She rubbed her body up and down against mine. She pushed her hips into me, pressing her clit directly against mine. I moaned into her mouth.
“You like that?” Becky asked. Her voice was low and breathy.
“Yeah,” I murmured. She was hypnotizing, her body soft and yielding, her skin warm and sweet. I was beginning to see why she was so popular with the guys.
Becky sat up, straddling me, and ran her hands down my body. She traced my breasts with her fingers, cupping them with her hands, circling my nipples. Becky leaned down and took my nipple into her mouth. She gently bit down, making me gasp. She lapped at the nub, enticing it to harden. Her tongue grazed over the pebbled skin, sending a little flicker of pleasure through me. A soft moan escaped my lips. Becky lifted her head, looked at me with an odd smile, then switched her attentions to my other breast. She teased my other nipple erect as her hands roamed my body.
“You want me?” she asked in her low voice.
“I want you,” I replied with a gasp. Becky plunged her fingers inside my panties, searching between my folds. She tapped my clit lightly, then pressed into it, rubbing up and down. Becky was looking intently into my eyes as she played with my sex. She closed her eyes and mashed her lips against mine, pressing into me with a sense of hunger, desperation. Becky’s fingers darted in and out of my wet entrance, teasing me. I felt a swell of pleasure rise up in my crotch.

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Published March 16, 2012 15 pages
Genres: Erotica, Literature & Fiction, Gay & Lesbian. Fiction

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