Duty to Breed by Adriana Rossi
(Vampire Breeding Erotica) (Reluctant Breeding Erotica) (Sold to the Vampires)

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In a world where the earth is infested with vampires, humans are bought, sold, and bred for one sole purpose: blood.

After successfully pleasuring her new master in "Bred for the Vampires," Tessa seizes the opportunity to escape with Cainan after his father begins a siege on Red Dawn. They find a peaceful vampire/human settlement where Tessa must join a lottery where human men are chosen to breed with her twice a day. The vampires who guard them claim not to drink blood, but Tessa quickly finds out that they are not what they seem.

This 9395 word story is the third part in Adriana Rossi's vampire breeding series. Warning! Contains sexually explicit content. 
Part IV out now!


"You can either go in that tent willingly, or I can drag you by your hair kicking and screaming, but you'll come anyways. Makes no difference to me. We need to procreate, or our species won't survive."

I felt incredibly weary all of a sudden. I glanced at the men watching me as they pretended to work. Of course. I should have seen it right away. "I don't care."
"I know. But you'll spread your legs and do as you're told. Otherwise, they'll all jump on you. Believe me, you don't want that."

Cole stood up suddenly, standing close as if he was prepared to grab me and hoist me up. The women were already filing inside the large tent, their heads bowed as their dresses were stripped from their bodies.

With a weary sigh, I stood up. Cole bent down to grab the hem of my dress and then he pulled it up over my head. The cold air stung my naked flesh but I held my arms at my side. The wrinkles around Cole's eyes relaxed as he gazed at my breasts and down to the delicate bush that guarded my pussy. His hand flew to my back, brushing my backside as he ushered me inside the tent. Anger flooded my chest as his hand slid down and gave my ass a squeeze, and then I left him to line up with the three other naked women.

Men were standing inside, staring at us as a big bowl was brought inside and laid down. Everyone threw pieces of paper inside it.

Cole stood in front of the women and cleared his throat. "We've a lot of new faces, so I'll announce the rules again. There's a lottery twice a day. Everyone gets one ballot. One ballot and one only. Those who attempt to cheat will be disqualified from any future lotteries. We go through each woman one at a time. If you would like to trade women, you may do so after the lottery has ended. Once you get a woman, you can fuck her as long as you want, however you want until the next lottery starts. Once the next lottery starts, it is no longer your turn and you must give up your woman. You can only win once a day. The goal here is to get them pregnant, so remember that."

Then Cole announced the beginning of the lottery with the first woman; a pale, faded red-head. I could feel the hungry gazes of all the men, reminding me of the vampires at Red Dawn. Really, they were no different. All of them wanted something from me, whether it was my blood or my vagina. Cainan was the only man who looked me in the eyes and talked to me like an equal--not property.

The men became more restless as the tickets were drawn out of the hat and the men left with an arm around their naked prize, their breeches already showing their readiness.

"And finally, for the new girl: Tessa."

The room hushed as Cole fished his hand through the bowl of lottery tickets. Half of them watched his hand to detect any trickery; the other half stared at me, no doubt imagining what they would do to my body. I shivered in anticipation.

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Published January 17, 2013 29 pages
Genres: Erotica, Literature & Fiction. Fiction

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