Educating His Virgin Babysitter - An Erotic Story by Amber Adams
(Babysitter Fantasies)

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Sarah had been there for Calvin when he really needed her, taking care of his son after his wife died. She’d done everything he’d needed to keep his sanity and a roof over his family’s head.

Now she wanted his help. She wanted to catch the attention of the guy she wanted to give her cherry to. When things heated up between them, could he keep himself from going too far? Did he want to?



“There’s this guy I’m really interested in going all the way with, but he doesn’t know I exist. You know, in a sexual way. This is going to be my first time and I want to make it perfect. How do I get his attention?”

He froze, his beer halfway to his mouth. The mental image of her naked and moaning while having sex shot through his head and the notion of her being a virgin made his cock begin to swell. He took a slug of his beer to hide his inappropriate reaction.

“Talk to him. Get to know him. Flirt with him. Maybe wear a low-cut blouse. He’ll notice you.”

She got a disgusted look on her face. “Not so you’d notice. I’ve done all those things, and he just thinks we’re friends.”

“Is he seeing anyone?”

Sarah shook her head. “No.”

“Then make him notice you. A guy can’t ignore a pretty girl that is interested in him.”

“You think I’m pretty?” Her expression perked up.

He took a deep drink of his beer, suppressing the urge to sigh. How could she not see how beautiful she was? “Sarah, you’ve blossomed into a gorgeous, sexy woman. You are cover girl material.”

“Cover girl or centerfold?” Her eyes dipped to his lap, where he saw the bulge in his pants hadn’t gone away.

“Sorry.” He blushed a little. “You’re a hot young woman and I’m not immune to your charms.”

“You aren’t?” she murmured. “What part of my body do you like best?”

“Ahh… That’s a loaded question. Why don’t we get back toward getting your guy friend to notice you?”

She assumed an expression of rapt attention. “Please go on, Professor. How do I seduce him? Maybe with an unexpected touch?” She reached out and put her hand on his arm.

His heart jumped in his chest. “What are you doing?”

Sarah ignored his question. “Maybe I need something with a little more contact.” She stood directly in front of him, took the beer bottle from his suddenly nerveless fingers, and set both of them down on the end table. With exaggerated slowness, she planted her knees to either side of him and sat on his lap.

His throat felt as dry as the Sahara. “We need to stop this.”

The heat of her body burned him through their jeans. He wanted to be firmer, to move her off his lap, but his hands seemed frozen at his sides. “You don’t seem to need much instruction on seducing men.”

Sarah leaned forward until her nose touched his. “I’m doing what I’ve seen other girls do. I’ve never done more than just kiss. Your aftershave smells terrific.”

She lowered her face to his neck and took a deep breath. “Wow, it makes me feel like I’m melting inside. Must be those pheromones I’ve heard about. Good stuff.” She kissed him softly on the side of his throat.

His blood was on fire. The apple scent of her hair and the clean, fresh smell of her skin pushed him beyond reason. He kissed the side of her throat, making her gasp.

“Do it again, Mister Walker. That felt like heaven.”

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Published July 20, 2012 by Dirty Girl Publishing. 21 pages
Genres: Erotica, Literature & Fiction. Fiction

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