Famous Leaders of Character in America by Edwin Wildman

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This historic volume was published in 1922 and covers leaders
from the latter half of the nineteenth century; the life stories
of boys who have impressed their personalities on the life
and history of the United States.

From the book's Introduction:
In this volume I have sought to bring together a group
of men who, unlike the average American, have counted
success, not so much in dollars and cents, as in a devotion
to high ideals. Money has been to them of secondary
consideration, if of any consideration at all. Although
they have been constantly brought in contact with the
ways and ideas of men of the world, which were abso-
lutely contrary to their ideals, these men have been loyal
and faithful in practice, as well as profession, to the
spiritual qualities of justice, mercy, purity and honesty.
They have been soldiers of the spirit, great-hearted men
of action, who have won the admiration and respect of
even their bitterest enemies.

The need of the hour has been met by these men of
moral strength. They have given out, instead of taking
in. In being true to themselves, they have been true to
others. Their early struggles to do right, developed in
them those qualities which were, later, to benefit the

Some of these men lived a long time ago, and only the
fact of their greatness has lived down to us. Their
appearance, their little peculiarities, their friendships,
their struggles have been forgotten in the brightness of
the victories — not always material, but often moral
victories — which we remember.

I have dealt chiefly with the incidents of their youth.
It is there that we find the great influences for good.
You will find that in most cases it is the boy who finds
an ambition in his boyhood, and who has the strength of
character to fight for it, plug for it, whether it be an
ideal of justice, of wealth, of philanthropy, or of power,
who wins out to greatness.

I feel that these stories will appeal to the grown man,
as much as to the boy, for it is in the daily happenings
of the home, the little incidents of school life, that future
traits of character are discerned. These qualities are not
always born in a man, but are as often gained by a
continual struggle to overcome that which is unworthy.

You will find the greatness of character that is in these
men even more interesting than the greatness of soldiers,
of Indian Chiefs, or Leaders of Industry, because these
men had harder fights to fight, and often in seeming
defeat their victory was bigger.

Edwin Wildman.

--William Lloyd Garrison
--Robert E. Lee
--Abraham Lincoln
--Charles Sumner
--Horace Greely
--Wendell Phillips
--Edward Everett Hale
--Leland Stanford
--Charles William Eliot
--Phillips Brooks
--Moody and Sankey
--Grover Cleveland
--John Burroughs
--Henry Cabot Lodge
--Woodrow Wilson
--Theodore Roosevelt
--Booker T. Washington
--William Jennings Bryan
--Major-General Leonard Wood
--Charles Evans Hughes
--Warren Gamaliel Harding
--Judge Kenesaw Mountain Landis
--Benjamin Burr Lindsey
--Calvin Coolidge

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Published June 15, 2010 246 pages
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