From Elven Princess to Orcish Slave by Jane Amber
(Forced Spanking Erotica) (Orcgasm)

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Bolg the Raper and his horde of bloodthirsty orcs march across the mountains to make war on the peaceful elves. Princess Lora commands a thousand brave elves charged with stopping him. But when Bolg starts appearing in Lora’s dreams, the elven princess is helpless to protect her own mind! Soon, Lora finds herself a prisoner inside her own head forced to serve her orcish master!

Warning! This story contains 4,153 words including orc sex, forced sex, spanking, masochism, light bondage, elf princess sex, and forced orgasm and is for adults only!


Unable to deny the wishes of her own mind, Lora struggled to her feet. She hugged the wooden post, pressing her aching breasts and taut stomach against the rough wood.
“You can’t deny it slut. Say that you’ll open the gate.” Bolg said from behind her.
“No,” Lora whispered, knowing what was coming. Her body trembled slightly in anticipation.
Then Bolg’s hand collided with her ass. A scream tore from Lora’s lips as her body jiggled with the force of the blow. Pain pulsed through her, chased by an equally intense wave of pleasure.
“No...” Lora begged. She had never told anyone. How could he know?
“You like it, slut.” Bolg’s mocking voice came from behind her and Lora could not deny it.
He raised his hand again and with another whoosh of air, his hand found Lora’s tender ass again. This time her body jumped at the blow, slamming her flesh against the hard post. Forcing her breasts to make love to the unyielding wood.
“Ah!” Lora screamed, her voice clear and sharp against the driving wind. The moan that followed was just as clear.
And then she was a girl again, tears rolling down her face as she tried to hide the pleasure inside her. But Bolg knew. His blows came faster. Harder.
And with each one, Lora could feel her will power slipping away.
“Yes!” She screamed on the tenth blow, her body shaking. Her hips were moving on their own now, grinding against the post in hopes of finding some relief for the hot, slick desire between her thighs.
“Beg for more,” the voice behind her commanded and Lora knew that she could no longer deny it.
“More!” Lora screamed. And another blow landed on her red, raw ass. The pain was terrible, worse than any of the previous blows. And the pleasure that followed was just as exquisite. “Yes!” Lora yelled.
“Open the gate.” It was what he said after every blow. This time, would this be the time she gave in?
“No...” Lora gasped through clenched teeth. “Never.”

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Published August 1, 2012 19 pages
Genres: Erotica, Literature & Fiction. Fiction

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