Fucked On Race Day by BURT MAVERICK

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Set in the fantasy world of ASSCAR (Association for Sexy Stock Car Auto Racing). Fucked On Race Day is a tale of fast cars & hot sex!
Ecerpt from book:
   The two men sit high above the crowd inside the cramped quarters of the small race announcer's booth. The booth is hot and stuffy and both men sweat profusely as they chain smoke, and wait for the free beer to arrive. You would think with all of the money they make, the track could afford to build a new booth, but no. It's the same shitty booth the two men have been calling the races from for the last fifteen years. .
   A sexy young woman with pert breasts stumbles into the cramped box carrying the golden elixir Bojangles likes to refer to as, 'Liquid Jesus'. The petite blonde is dressed in a worn out pair of daisy duke cut-offs, accenting long legs capped in high heels. A wet tank top hugs the girl's small torso and pink aureoles make themselves visible through wet fabric. .
   The young woman is, Angel, winner of the before race wet t-shirt contest. A feat worthy of a crispy, hundred dollar bill. Which was awesome! But, her main goal was to win the opportunity to serve the announcer's booth during the race..
   Beer sloshes over the edges of the clear plastic cups sitting on the small tray. They serve as the only thing to advert the eyes of the two older men, who sit drooling at the sight of the young woman as she enters. "Thank, God. Bring those babies right over here," Bojangles directs, licking his lips at the sight of the cold beer..
   She sets the beers on the cleared opening next to the microphones in front of the two men. She can feel their eyes as they roam over her body, and she senses their desires as they lick their lips and openly rub at their bulging crotches. She's heard the stories about what's expected from the young girls lucky enough to serve the men in the booth... And, she's prepared to do her part..
   Bojangles slides his chair back, exposing a small area under the desk. A blanket is placed on the floor. This will be used to save the exposed skin on the knees of the young woman about to spend the whole race orally pleasuring the two older men. Bojangles, being the elder of the two men, decides to initiate his place of seniority by offering the girl the spot below him. His fingers slide into the crack of her ass as she climbs under the desk. "Oh, Lordy, child. That's one nice ass you got there." Bojangles says, sliding his hand between the tight cheeks of the tiny girl's ass. She smiles, wiggling her rump, and takes her place below the desk. He slide his chair back in and brings his mouth up to his microphone. "Now, where were we," he says, sliding his zipper down and pulling out his cock. It's big. Really big. .
   Angel swallows hard as she sees the old man's dick coming out of his trousers. He pulls on the swollen member and it lunges out forcefully, bouncing up and down like a fleshy club. Angel loves older men, and she's excited about the chance to suck off the famous, Bojangles. Seeing the length and girth of the old man's vein covered piece of horse cock is making her young pussy quiver. Wrapping her hands around the warm meat, she begins slowly stroking the fleshy tube of skin up and down the hardening shaft. .
   "Ooh, yeah. That's where we were," moans Bojangles. 'Life is good,' he thinks, as he reaches for the young girls head. His fingers wrap slowly into the silky hair of the young maiden and his cock grows to its full length..
   Her mouth opens wide taking the head of his huge member inside. She can taste the salty pre-cum that oozes from the head of the older man's dick, and her gag reflex is triggered from the girth. .  
word count 10,300...All characters within this story are sexually mature consenting adults over the age of 18.This story is meant for a mature audience only.


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Published July 12, 2012 by Burt Maverick. 41 pages
Genres: Erotica, Literature & Fiction. Fiction

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