Fucked by Daddy's Friends! by Dana Brown

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Sarah, a girl freshly turned 18, is pissed at her Dad because he won't let her go out partying. She resolves to crash the party he's having by dressing slutty and teasing his hot friends! Soon enough, she finds out that her little game has gone too far when two men visit her room for a sex-filled night that none of them will ever forget!


"Go upstairs you fucking whore!" He shouted again, clearly drunk. Ever since Mom left, he had been getting drunk more and more often. All the men in the room looked towards him in disgust, wondering what to make of their drunken, asshole friend.

"Fine," Sarah said, hopping up off the seat, letting her boobs bounce. She reached up to the ceiling, pretending to stretch again then reached down to touch her toes. She couldn't see it, but she knew they were staring at her tits as she showed them the goods. Sarah stood, winked at Rick and John and turned, walking away and swaying her cute, round ass side to side. She walked up the stairs, triumphant. She got her Dad pissed off in front of his friends and now their good night was ruined.

She went into her room and closed the door, then lay on the bed and opened one of her fashion magazines. Sarah missed the party, but at least she had a little fun. Her Dad's friends -were- really cute, after all. She had been reading the magazine for around a half hour or so when she began to idly touch herself, gently grazing her fingers over the sides of her inner thighs and pressing down on her crotch. She moaned as she thought of John and his tattooed arms and of Rick and his solid chest and cute eyes. Then she heard a soft knock on the door. Maybe it was her Dad, come to apologize?

"Yeah?" She asked, still lying on the bed.

The door opened up and John was there, standing tall over her like a brick wall. He held a tattooed arm against the door frame and looked at her with those deep, brown eyes and smiled. "I heard you were bored."

Oh shit! She thought. She didn't think they'd actually go for it! She had to think fast.

"Oh, I dunno," she said. "I think I'm okay now," but she couldn't keep her eyes off his, taking his entire body in with a glance.

"Really?" He came inside and closed the door. "Let's see if we can have some fun together." He strode across the room towards the bed.

"No really, I-" She started to say, but by then he was above her, his lips on her's. She thought about pushing him off, but she could smell his scent — leather and oil and cologne, and feel his strength coursing through the arms that held her and she was his. He kissed her like a man dying of thirst in the Sahara and she kissed him back, just as hard. She had wanted this for a while. Her young body craved it.

John reached down and grabbed her tits with both hands, pulling down her skimpy tank top and pinching her nipples slightly. She bit her lip and moaned, sliding a hand down his thigh and over to his crotch. He was already as hard as a rock! Sarah smiled and stroked him through his pants and he let out a moan of his own.

Roughly, he pulled the tank top off of her body, exposing her perky breasts. He bend down and started to suck on them, almost fitting her entire tit into his mouth. Sarah gasped with pleasure and helped him out of his own shirt, revealing even more tattoos and a rippled, washboard chest. She could instantly feel her crotch start to get wet. Really wet! He dragged his tongue from one nipple to the other, playing with her chest, using his hands to caress her arms and neck and breasts.

Just then, there was another knock on the door and the two shot up, but the door opened and they were caught.

"Rick?" John said.

The tall cowboy smiled. "Looks like you had the same idea I did," he said. "I thought you were winkin' at me, girl."

"And I thought you wanted me," John said.

She giggled and bit her lip. "Can't it be both?"

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Published May 8, 2012 17 pages
Genres: Erotica, Literature & Fiction. Fiction

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