Fucked in a Teen Sex Party! by Dana Brown

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Sarah's up to her slutty self again! Restless, horny and lonely, Sarah decides to go to a party held at her friend Heather's house. It isn't long before she starts dancing with a huge, muscled College stud named Tim! Her friends watch as they grind together and decide that they want to join in the fun themselves. Sarah's soon going to find out just how much fun she can handle!


"You look lonely, babe!" Heather yelled over the music to Sarah. Sarah just smiled and shook her head.

Paul started to dance with her then, and Sarah immediately took notice of the guy. He was really hot. Super tall, stubbly face, muscular without being an ugly beefcake. Paul was a running back on the school's football team and Heather always went on about how well he fucked. Sarah moved closer to him, brushing her nipples up against his arm and danced.

Heather joined in, the three of them dancing in a triangle, bumping up and grinding against each other. Sarah knew Paul was hard — she could see the lump in his pants already. She bit her lip in frustration. If only she could take that home tonight!

But Heather wasn't a slouch. "Hey Tim!" she shouted from across the room, and a guy with short black hair, blue eyes and muscles as big as a tractor looked up at her. "Come over here for a minute!"

And he came over, this giant of a man, and Sarah took one look at him and could immediately feel the tingle of passion in her crotch. She didn't know who this guy was — maybe it was one of Heather's college friends?

He stood up next to Heather, who then promptly pushed him into Sarah. Sarah smiled.

"I'm Sarah."

"I'm Tim, nice to meet you."

And the four started to dance, each touching each other. Sarah's back was facing Tim and he ground into her in time with the luscious beat. Sarah's hands were running all up and down Heather's body, and Paul was grinding with her. Sarah loved it! This is exactly the kind of fun she wanted from this night. She could feel the bulge grow harder in Tim's pants as it rubbed up against her ass. Sarah snaked her arm behind her, running along Tim's hard chest and down his pant leg, aiming for the growing package under his pants. Her hand grazed it and it felt like a goddamn potato was shoved in his underwear.
Sarah grinned, rubbed her ass up against it and bit her lip. She could feel the hot wetness well up inside her and she knew she was as moist as spring. She wanted to fuck Tim badly, but she also wanted her friend... Maybe she could figure out a way to make it happen?

Sarah turned Heather around and ran fingers through her brown hair, then pulled her close and kissed her. All the boys around them held up their beer glasses and howled and applauded in excitement. Paul and Tim grinned, their lips splitting their faces in half. Sarah kept kissing Heather, gently licking her lips and playing with Heather's tongue. Even over the pumping music she could hear her friend moan with pleasure and when her friend reached up and cupped her small breasts she couldn't tell which of them moaned harder. Sarah gently pulled Heather's hair back and started to bite her neck and Heather laughed in surprise and excitement. She carefully pushed Sarah away from her and bit her lip, then walked off towards the staircase. Heather turned back and beckoned to follow her with a finger.

Sarah didn't wait. She bee lined for her friend and that staircase. She wasn't sure whether it was the drink, the music or even just her friend, but she was so horny she couldn't believe it. When the two girls started to walk upstairs, Heather called back to the two boys still on the dance floor.

"You two going to just stand there and dance, or are you gonna join us?"

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Published May 14, 2012 16 pages
Genres: Erotica, Literature & Fiction. Fiction

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