GirlFight by Kelcey Coe
Model Kombat - The Official Motion Picture Script

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Inspired by true events, GIRLFIGHT empowers women by shattering through the glass ceiling, opening doors to an all-female ensemble featuring many models and actresses from various genres put into movie roles in this deadly martial arts mashup typically oriented to males.

Think You Want to be a Model... Think Again!

It's the Spring Break and mafia-controlled Buckeye City is looking to make a killing. Not only will the city be bustling with the cutest college coeds but Ohio's Next Top Model Fashion Show looks to award the best girl with a cash prize and contract into a state-wide agency.

Beat the Best... Or Die Like the Rest!

When the world's deadliest assassins, Russell Brown, and his wife, deadly yet sexy femme fatale and model wannabe Rachel, catch wind of this news, they capture the opportunity to lure the show's talent into a deadly bloodsport tournament by offering them a chance at a multi-million dollar contract with an international modeling agency.

How Bad Do You Want It?

Hungry for fortune and glory, the girls go all out in proving you have to beat the best... or die like the rest to be the best - from betrayal to literally tearing each other to shreds! Allegiances will be tested; alliances will be broken – no one can be trusted! Girls just want to fight like a girl throughout this elaborately caged model combat like never before imagined!

It's a Bloodsport... For Girls Only!

Brutal bare knuckle and brass knuckle boxing to bone-brunching fistfights with barb-wire and glass fuel this ultra-violent nightmare horror feature film from, LLC!



Careful consideration and intricate detail was ensured to make sure the film portrays women in a positive light, respecting women as human beings and not objects. Although the premise of the film consists of brutal cage fights to obtain specific fame and glory, it also encompasses reasons why these individual women are fighting. These reasons add to the character development and further enrich the story, based on real women stories matched against very tough obstacles - whether it involves kids or personal gain. The film does not objectify women – there is no sex or nudity, and, although under false pretenses, the women choose to be at this tournament – there is no kidnapping or even scenes of human trafficking. Women in the film do not share common gender-based roles – many times the women are actually in charge and the men are inferior to the women. They are often very strong, independent, and capable characters to which younger women can relate. Although the film is heavily filled with graphic, ultra-violence, the profanity is mild than that found in an American highschool and the film is enriched with a strong story and morale, making it as appropriate for junior high and high school students as popular literature from The Odyssey to The Hunger Games. This makes the film both progressive and revolutionary, two components necessary to reach a fanbase in today's ultra-violent media. Overall, the film examines the psychological conditions of women put under these stressful circumstances, giving them a powerful voice for recognition and acknowledgement, as symbols for strong and independent women rather than inferior humans to a male-dominated patriarch.

About Kelcey Coe

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Kelcey Coe is an aspiring film-maker who has served as a production assistant on James E. Wilson, Don 'The Dragon' Wilson, and Cynthia Rothrock's The Martial Arts Kid (2015), an associate producer on Cody Knotts' Pro Wrestlers vs Zombies (2014) starring pro wrestling legends "Rowdy" Roddy Piper & "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan and art production assistant on Stewart Schill's Frank vs. God (2014). He has worked in different MMA aspects with Hollywood producer, actor, and worldwide kick boxer, Don "The Dragon" Wilson (Bloodfist 1-8) and the late Hollywood actor, fight choreographer, and stuntman Donnie Hair (Mortal Kombat). He resides in Ohio with his two cats - Spooky & Scrappy. He earned his associates degree two weeks after graduating high school and possesses a Masters of Business Administration from Franklin University in Columbus, Ohio.
Published March 20, 2018 by GIRLFIGHTS.CLUB. 136 pages
Genres: Horror, Literature & Fiction, Action & Adventure. Fiction