Girls Growing Dicks Again! 3 Pack by Pen Penguin
(gender transformation newhalf erotica bundle)

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This gender bender 3-pack bundle contains Sex Shift Operation, Sex Change for the Billionaire, and Interrogating the Dick Girl. A 15409 word collection about girls getting dominated by guys who enjoy abusing their newly grown dicks! Has transgenders, gyno chair bondage, public sexual humiliation, sensation play on cocks, anal sex, handjobs and blowjobs! Adults only! All characters over 18.


Karn revealed a small rod about the size of a toothbrush, with a wheel at the top that was lined with sharp spines; a Wartenburg wheel. It's a common medical tool used to test nerves. But it was easy to tell that he had more in mind for my body than just 'tests'.

"Don't move too much, or it'll break the skin."

He cautioned as he stooped down. A second later, I gasped at the sudden prickling sensation along my ballsack. Cold, pointy nubs running a line of ticklishly creepy sensations over the loose skin there. I clenched my muscles, struggling not to jerk and stab myself against the pointy implement, as it ran up along the sides of my balls, and onto the sensitive underside of my penis. Up and down, up and down. My dick, which had became limp after such a long time of inactivity, started rising to attention again despite its dangerous situation.

Slowly, he ran it under my penis, pressing closer and closer towards the tip, where it was more sensitive. As it poked at the folds of loose skin just beneath the head, a sharp itchy sensation prodded through me. I gasped and wrested away as hard as I could, but the inescapable straps held me firm.

"Awful, isn't it?"

Karn remarked, as he grabbed hold of my shaft with his free hand, enclosing it and squeezing down. He took the Wartenburg wheel, and angled its spiky tip onto my dick's head.

"W-Wait! Not there!"

"Compared to before, you'll find this to be much more agonizing. After all, the head is extremely sensitive to this kind of stimuli. Trust me, I would know."

He started ruthlessly running the spiny wheel along my overly sensitive head, pricking the surface with its pointed steel. Immediately, I screamed and jerked as hard as I could. The sensations were unbearable! He was right. That earlier exercise with the wheel was a cake-walk to endure compared to the feel of this wicked instrument poking its terrible, excruciating points into my dick's squishy head. I struggled as violently as I could, but the straps gave me no leave. His hand around my penis prevented any sort of escape. As unbearable as it was, I honestly had no choice but to bear this maddening torture.

Up and down, from side to side, the wheel traced its malicious path over my tender head's surface, sending all kinds of agonizing signals to my body, enticing me to scream and buck against my will. My dick throbbed harder, continuing to engorge itself despite the awful sensations. It wasn't an overly painful kind of hurt, but it was definitely not something I wanted to stand any longer. I needed a reprieve. Badly.

"O-Okay! I'll tell you what you want! Please stop!"

But the wheel continued to torment my dick's head, throwing me into squirmy fits of unbearable agony. He was ignoring my pleas. I had only said it to buy me some time, but at this rate, I'm really going to spill everything, if just to stop these terrible sensations!

"I don't have anything that I want you to tell me yet. Do endure longer."

My eyes squeezed shut. I kicked out against my bonds, crying and jerking. It was only now that I realized that Karn' reputation was well-deserved. As intolerable as these sensations were, I would have no choice but to tolerate it until he felt I've had enough, and it'll be a long time before that happened...

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Published August 4, 2012 45 pages
Genres: Erotica, Literature & Fiction. Fiction

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