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You need to read Dancing My Life Away, first. Their story continues with this in the second of the series of three Life Plan books: With the many with secrets and lies that Michelle and Sam have had to face, the same secrets that tore them apart. They meet again and in a crowded pub, where Sam and Michelle are thrown together, but when he hears her news, that she is pregnant with his child he smiles, she can't run, and he won't let her, she though fights for her life...

Michelle and Sam have faced an uphill struggle to stay together, she is new to the love game, where as he, he has had more women than one boy or man should ever have had. In just a short time they have fallen head over heels in love, they have had to face many problems. Michelle more than Sam, because Sam brought more problems to the relationship than he thought Michelle could handle, but Michelle handled those problems. Personal and family problems that the Todd family faced were nothing that Michelle couldn't handle, and she did it well and with more maturity than any of them gave her credit for, had they opened up to her she could have helped them sooner, but in helping them it set a chain of events in motion that would be a wrecking ball to Sam and Michelle's short and happy time together. Some things Sam still wouldn't and couldn't share, and when they think the worst is behind them the darkest part of their relationship comes forward to test them even further they are then faced by the demon that was Sam's father, he in one afternoon destroyed them both and then he was helped in keeping them apart by his eldest son Andrew, who had his own agenda and was going to keep them apart for his own selfish reasons. Given that this is Michelle's first and only trial into the old thing called love, she is still naive and childish in that area, and she is hurt and alone, then when a hurdle comes along she doesn't know how to deal with, she ruins everything by doing one stupid thing and for the two of them this ends their relationship in a disastrous way. A way Michelle can see no way past, so runs away from the pain she has caused and away from the love of her life, a love she thinks will kill her if she stops i the town where they live, because around every corner there is something that reminds her of Sam, and Sam no longer loves her he loves the one girl who has bullied her for years Karen Manning, she cannot escape from the smiles and the hugs and the kisses she witnessed, she sees a way to get back at Sam for breaking her heart, and it backfires with devastating consequences, because unknown to her Sam fights for his life and for his sanity, all of this was caused by something Michelle unwittingly started. She too is fighting for her life but by her own hand, she is slowly killing herself, because it's too hard to live without him. Each of them being kept apart by one person, the one person Sam trusts and the one person Michelle fears the most, because of the hold his elder brother has over him. Andrew is disturbed and confused and wrecks their relationship, and though his motives are unclear to Michelle, she knows, Sam will always pick his family over her, and Andy knows this too and uses Sam's trust to keep them apart, he throws everything he has into stopping them getting back together, then a chance meeting throws Andrews plans into chaos and there's a chance for them to start over, but what will Andy do next to ruin it, or will Michelle put her hatred of Andy to the side and help him too?

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Published July 21, 2015 707 pages
Genres: Romance.