Her Alien Instructor by Ava Lore
Galactic Concubine, Part 2 (Alien BDSM Sex Slave Erotica)

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Out among the stars on Laqir's ship, Levvi hurtles towards her new destiny with her unknown Kurazi master. First, however, Laqir must teach her the ways of pleasing a Kurazi male: total submission!

This 6,300 word short story involves bondage, light sadomasochism, mind control, tail-play, anal, and an alien orgasm to blow your mind! Part 2 of the Galactic Concubine series.


Her dreams hadn't really included alien sex, but she could be convinced it was a perk. “So you want me to get on that thing?” Two platforms for her to stand upon were placed at the bottom legs of the device. She would be slightly elevated—at the perfect height for penetration. The thought sent a wave of heat straight down to her pussy.

“Yes, if you would.” His voice was slightly contrite. “Please, disrobe first.”

Levvi nodded and began to shuffle off her clothing. “Could you make it a little warmer in here?” she asked.

He spoke in his own language then, a melodious string of syllables that did something to the pleasure center of her brain. It was like listening to music. The air around her warmed perceptibly, and she wiggled out of her skirt and panties, kicked off her shoes, and removed her jacket, top and brassiere. As she did so, she felt herself leaving Earth behind, removing the layers of dust and choked air, until she stood before her alien abductor free and unfettered.
He watched her with intense eyes, and when she stepped forward to mount the mating stake, he moved aside.

Cold metal bit into the soles of her feet, and when her back hit the mesh of the stake she shuddered at the clinical touch. The bindings Laqir secured around her arms and legs were some soft material she had never felt before, and though they were secure she felt as if she could stay bound in them for hours.

Arms outstretched, legs spread, Levvi let herself be tied up for Laqir's pleasure.

When the last strap was in place, Laqir backed away and against her skin the warming metal mesh began to shift, startling her. Between her shoulder blades, something moved, pushing against her spine so her breasts thrust forward. The cool air of the ship caressed her skin, raising goosebumps, and her nipples tightened into hard pebbles. She was gloriously exposed in ways that she never was on stage. On stage, she was in charge of what other people saw. Here she was open to Laqir. Here she was at his mercy.
Heat ignited in her belly.

“All right,” she said. Her breathing had become shallow and quick with excitement. “Here I am. How will this please a Kurazi male?”

Somehow his eyes had grown wider and darker, and she realized that her very vulnerability had already turned him on. He drank her in with his gaze. “In Kurazi society, binding the female is part of the mating ritual. Successfully binding a Kurazi female is a feat of strength and skill. They do not go quietly. It is also essential to sexually arouse her, or there will be no mating.” He paused. “That you have already acquiesced to me by willingly binding yourself...” He took a breath, and she let her eyes drift down. His burgeoning erection was obvious in his body-hugging trousers...

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Ava Lore was raised by wombats and lives to corrupt the innocent. When not writing erotic romance, she spends her time thinking about writing erotic romance and drinking enough iced coffee to kill a musk ox. She lives in Texas and is the curator of one kid, one husband, one dog, one garden, and a million knitting and spinning projects. Ava yearns for you tragically. Please email her at authoravalore@gmail.com and let her know what's on your mind!
Published November 10, 2012 21 pages
Genres: Erotica, Literature & Fiction. Fiction

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