Her Downstairs Werewolf by Lindsey Purl
(Lycan Longings Part 1)

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When Hannah moves into an upstairs apartment her sophomore year of college, she finds herself inexplicably drawn to her masculine downstairs landlord. She doesn't question his odd late-night activity until she hears strange noises one night and stumbles upon a confrontation among creatures she thought were myths. Will Hannah be able to withstand the primal hungers that she finds herself among?

Warning: this 8700-word story contains a horny college girl, the barely restrained urges of a hungry beast, dubious consent, masturbation, oral sex, anal sex, rough m/f sexual situations, and the beginning of a one girl's discovery of her own animal lusts.


I scrambled to my feet, already looking up the stairs,
but the creature was across the basement in less than a second.  He moved inhumanly fast, slamming the door
fully open and grabbing me roughly by the arm before I could even take the
first step up to safety.  His hand was huge
and painfully strong.  A horrible grin
stretched his wolfish mouth, revealing his sharp teeth.  "So, sweet little thing, did you come to save
your dear Duncan?"

From behind him, I heard Duncan yell.  "Leave her out of this!  I've left her alone--she has no part in
this!"  I could hear chains rattling as
he strained against them.

The beast dragged me into the room and I caught
Duncan's eyes.  That primal sexuality
that I had seen before was so much stronger now, barely restrained at all.  I was terrified, and yet I could feel my
pussy becoming wet at the same time.  I
could see a large bulge growing in Duncan's black boxers, straining the tight
material.  It expanded unnaturally quick,
becoming impossibly long until I saw the fat engorged head showing from below
one of the legs of his underwear.  Had I
cultivated this reaction in Duncan through all that teasing over the past
months?  The thought made my pussy clench
slightly with arousal.

The black one laughed from the far side of the
basement.  "So much for smothering those
urges with civilization, eh Duncan?  One
look at this delicious little thing and it's all instinct."  I saw his own erection, previously thick and
flaccid beneath his fur, rising as well.
It was huge, fitting for some hulking beast.  He looked at me with hungry eyes.  I felt terrified and exposed, like a trapped
animal only now realizing the gravity of the situation.

The beast holding me tore my shirt off in one
motion.  He roughly cupped one of my bare
tits, making me whimper.  "You know you
want this, Duncan.  Stop fighting
it."  Duncan roared as my pale tits were
uncovered, as though the last of his hold on his humanity was torn away with my
shirt.  The creature holding me dragged
me to the chalk circle.  "Scuff that
ward, little girl," he said, gesturing to the lines of chalk.  I saw Duncan shake his head, just barely,
trying to tell me no.  I began to make a
protest, but the beast holding me squeezed my arm tighter, sending searing pain
along it.  I caved, knowing I had no
choice, and rubbed my foot across the rough cement floor, wiping away the chalk
lines.  A subtle static passed through
the air, making the hairs on my arms stand up briefly.  The two wolf-creatures howled in
pleasure.  The one holding me tossed me
effortlessly at Duncan, making me trip and land in front of him.  "Now suck your mate's cock like a good girl,"
he commanded, looming above me, the circle of chalk apparently no longer a
barrier for him.  What have I done?  I thought
with horror.

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Published May 10, 2012 by Lindsey Purl. 26 pages
Genres: Erotica, Literature & Fiction. Fiction

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