Her First Squirt by Alastair Anders
Women on Their First Gushing Orgasms (first time female ejaculation erotica)

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In this 3-part confessional story, three women tell the stories of their first experience with female ejaculation. Roxanne discovered her orgasmic potential through a boyfriend's watersports fetish. A fellow co-ed initiated shy, sweet Vanessa. And And Alyce, a high-end call girl, had hers with a mysterious client.


It was a couple summers after we graduated from high school – me and my boyfriend at the time, Wayne. He was still living at home, and I’d moved into a tiny apartment with three other chicks from beauty school, so we didn’t have a whole lot of privacy. And we were dead broke, so our dates usually went like this: Wayne would pick me up, if his car decided to start that night, or otherwise we’d walk to the 7-11 and buy a six-pack of warm, nasty beer and some snacks. Then we’d go sit up on the hill overlooking our hometown, or we’d go to this overgrown and kind of off-the-beaten-path park where we used to hang out as kids. We’d say it was to “talk,” but we usually ended up fucking.

Wayne had a piss fetish. Nothing got him hotter than seeing me squat down and let out a big golden stream. He’d get all excited seeing me drink a beer, chase it down with a bottle of water, and crack open another beer – he’d be thinking of all that liquid filling me up. So when we’d be making out, I’d also be making a big show of drinking something, ‘cause it drove him nuts. No pun intended.

So one night we were making out and I was drinking beer after beer – Wayne kept getting more and more turned on and sucking on my tits and rubbing my pussy through my jeans, and I was getting really wet – and before I knew it I’d pounded four beers and I needed to piss so bad I couldn’t even think.

We were parked behind a public pool, which we knew from experience wasn’t patrolled at night – we used to hop the fence and skinny-dip in it. “Come on,” he said, rattling the fence, “why don’t you go in the pool?”

I had to go so bad it hurt to walk, and I thought my bladder was gonna burst when I hopped the fence and landed on the concrete on the other side, but he talked me into it. He took off his sandals and sat on the edge of the deep end, and I took off my jeans and got on his lap. I had my legs spread wide over his knees, my ass right up to the edge of the water.

Wayne reached around my thighs and spread my wet pussy open with his fingers, and I let loose with a mighty gusher – it must have shot out three or four feet before splashing into the pool. I could feel his dick get instantly hard against my ass, and start throbbing. I’d had to piss so bad it hurt to go, but in a way that felt really good at the same time, like having Wayne suck on my tits really hard.

He started rubbing my pussy lips, getting my wetness all over his fingers, and stroking my hard clit. I leaned back on his dick, trying to give some of that back to him. He pulled up my shirt and pulled down my bra and rubbed my nipple with my own cunt juices, then the other one. He got them really hard. I was so turned on that when he stuck two of his fingers in my pussy, they slid in right away.

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Published March 12, 2012 12 pages
Genres: Erotica, Literature & Fiction. Fiction

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