If you say so, professor! No. 1 in the series 'The Adventures of Dr Delphine Dupont' by Paris Rivera
(lesbian seduction)

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The gym session also went well. Dressed in her black sports bra and tight black shorts, Dr Dupont was actually conscious of several pairs of eyes on her as she began her 20 minute work-out on the exercise bicycle. She didn’t really mind the attention: in fact, she would not be wearing that rather skimpy sports bra if she had really objected. But quite a lot depended, naturally enough, on who was paying the attention. Today she was conscious that a young female student – not one of her own, incidentally – was glancing in her direction rather frequently. The girl was quite tall with an attractive figure, short fair hair and smiling blue eyes. She was dressed as if for tennis – a white T-shirt with a collar and short sleeves and a pleated short white skirt. And she was pulling some weights on a pulley just to the right of where Dr Dupont was cycling.

The girl had such a ready smile that Dr Dupont found herself smiling back from time to time. After her cycle ride, she walked over to the drinks fountain, which was a fair distance from the various exercise machines, and she sensed that someone had moved to stand behind her. Sure enough, it was that same girl and Dr Dupont was the first to speak: “You looked like you were pulling some pretty heavy stuff there!”

“Oh no, not really. I don’t want to bulk up my arms too much.”

“I know what you mean! But you look in really great shape,” said Dr Dupont in genuine admiration.

“Why thank you, I’m sure!” The girl looked genuinely delighted. “And so do you!”

Dr Dupont smiled inwardly at the compliment but tried to appear unmoved.

“What’s your major?” the girl asked.

Dr Dupont smiled inwardly again. That sounded like a nice compliment! I guess this girl must think I’m a student – maybe a mature student!

For a moment, Dr Dupont felt like pretending she was indeed a student. Something told her it might be safer – and even perhaps sexier. But she stuck to the truth and replied: “No, no. I’m on the staff!”

“Really?!” said the girl quickly, apparently genuinely surprised. “You look young enough to be a student here. You really keep yourself in great shape!”

Dr Dupont could feel herself getting a little embarrassed now and wondered if she might be going ever-so-slightly pink. Good that I’ve just had a work-out! she thought to herself. I’ll be pretty pink in any case, so nothing will show!

“So what do you study?” Dr Dupont enquired, trying to sound fairly formal.

“I do politics, with a sociology minor.”

“Interesting! There are some overlaps with my own subject, which is psychology.”

“That’s great”, the girl said, with real enthusiasm. “And do you specialise within psychology?”

“My special subject is the psychology of human attraction,” Dr Dupont replied, adopting the matter-of-fact face she had practiced so many times when telling others about her research interests.

“Oh gosh!” the girl said. “That’s kinda cool!”

There was silence.

“Is it a conversation stopper?” said Dr Dupont. “I could make myself a specialist in tax law if that would make me more interesting to you!”

They both laughed.

“You fancy a bite to eat?” Dr Dupont found herself suggesting. Where had that come from? She had normally made it a rule not to dine with her students.

“Yeah, that’d be great!’ the girl replied quickly. “Do you normally shower here?”

“No, I don’t like to shower in front of the students. I guess you can understand that? We have shower in our department."

“Of course, we don’t want them mentally undressing you while you’re lecturing!” the girl said with a cheeky grin.

"Where do you shower?" Dr Dupont asked.

"Well," the girl said sweetly, "I don't like to shower in front of the students! Do you have any suggestions?"

Dr Dupont glanced at the girl's amazing figure and took a deep breath...

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Published December 21, 2012 by Amaldio Books. 21 pages
Genres: Erotica, Literature & Fiction, Romance, Gay & Lesbian. Fiction

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