Impregnated by the Tentacle by Aurora Dupree
(Tentacles in Space bundle)

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Join Officer Laura Fisher in these three sexy stories of tentacle sex and impregnation! A journey to another planet goes horribly wrong when the crew is attacked by a strange alien beast. This horny monster has tentacles aplenty...and it's getting ready to breed! Warning: This 11,000 word collection contains sizzling tentacle sex, breeding, dubious consent, and impregnation. Steamy sci-fi at its best!


First Officer Laura Fisher and the crew of the ship Resplendence are light years from home, investigating a strange new planet. Little does she know about the ancient beast waiting in the darkness...or its intention to breed with her! Warning: This 4000 word sexy sci-fi story contains hot tentacle sex, including double penetration, and forced impregnation. It's about to get scary and sexy!


Officer Laura Fisher has narrowly escaped after being ravaged by a tentacle monster on a strange alien planet. But little does she know she's been impregnated by the beast...and there's more tentacle monsters waiting for her back on the ship! Warning: This 3100 word story contains tentacle sex, forced breeding, and alien sex. This is as hot as sci fi gets!


In this standalone conclusion to the popular Tentacles in Space series, First Officer Laura Fisher has just given birth after being impregnated by a strange alien creature. But someone on her ship is trying to sabotage the mission, and Laura's got to find out who it is before it's too late.

She soon discovers these tentacle beasts are going extinct, and the only way to save them--and herself--is to breed with them! Is Laura horny enough to repopulate the species by herself?

Warning: This 4000 word story contains hot tentacle sex, including impregnation, forced sex, and alien sex. So hot, it's out of this world!


Suddenly, there was a tremendous roar from the pit. Two tentacles came shooting out at high speed, like pneumatic drills, forking and weaving through the air. One of them smashed into two grunts, flinging them against the wall, knocking them unconscious. The other closed around a grunt's midsection. He screamed, and the tentacle squeezed him and dragged him down into the darkness. Laura screamed.
Soon more tentacles came shooting out of the pit, too many to count. One by one, the grunts were disposed of, as the strange grubs on the wall glowed and flashed wildly. But the tentacles didn't touch Laura. She turned, frantic, trying to flee, but now finally one of the appendages wrapped around her waist as she shrieked, dragging her back into the room.
“Daisie!” she shouted. “Help!”
“I'm initiating a mind meld with this creature,” Daisie said. “It's all I can do.”
Laura felt a wave of energy through her mind. She was suddenly linked mentally with the creature, and she could hear its eldritch thoughts, the deep rumblings of a creature thousands of years old.
“What do you want?” Laura screamed, hearing the words in her head as she spoke them aloud.
Breed. I want to breed.
“With me?”
Asleep. A thousand years, asleep. Must breed.
Laura's eyes widened as the head of the creature emerged from the pit. It had thousands of eyes, like an Argus, a bulbous body, and those innumerable tentacles, firing out every which way. Suddenly, one of them began to rip off her spacesuit, leaving her visor on. She felt the appendages pulling away at her clothes, until her breasts were exposed to the alien air. Then her panties were gone too, leaving her completely naked, suspended by the tentacles, with only the visor to keep her from suffocating in the strange atmosphere.
The tentacles were covered with strange red suckers, and they were slick and slimy. One of them crept around her face, as Laura shuddered at the touch. Then,without warning, it crept into her mouth, moving deeper and deeper down her throat, stopping just before the point where she would gag.
Do not be afraid. I will not harm you.

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Published October 22, 2012 35 pages
Genres: Erotica, Literature & Fiction. Fiction

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