Krem de la Kreme - Kustom Kollection #7 by Kris P. Kreme
(Kreme Kustom Kollection)

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Matters of Convenience

Jeff always liked taking the easier of two paths, coasting through life, even coasting through relationships. Surprisingly he has been unusually fortunate with how things turned out, stumbling into a relationship with a very attractive younger woman. The problem is, Katie is a go-getter and always has been, definitely the flip-side to Jeff's coin.

Marrying Katie was a great thing, convenient to Jeff, allowing him a relaxing life where he expects to get all a man could want. Unfortunately, Katie wants more and so the topic of counseling with a therapist comes up. Therapy is not only expensive to Jeff but the very thought of it is inconvenient, pouring out his personal problems to some guy who rakes in the dough for listening.

So Jeff tells of the unusual solution he came up with, the bizarre pop-up ad he clicked on innocently just wanting to find the easy way out of his problems. The product advertised seems perfectly reasonable, an all-organic mood enhancer for those who stress or have problems and as Jeff sees it, Katie is having those stressful problems. It isn't like he has changed since she met him. He just wants to avoid lengthy hassles and therapy or counseling would be a hassle.

Persuasion Powder is a simple powder that can be poured into drinks, sprinkled onto foods, and it supposedly calmed a person, helped them relax. As Jeff soon discovers, convenience may sometimes come with unseen side effects and his own failing to properly read the directions results in some rapid changes for his marriage. Reading directions was never convenient for Jeff anyway, and besides, in the end he's pretty satisfied with how Katie loosens up.

Understanding he has been corrupted by the power of convenience, Jeff still finds a way to enjoy life, with a wife who expands more than just her understanding and who is more interested in being seen than seeing any inconvenient therapist.

A Good Sport

Susie sometimes hates getting out of bed in the morning, especially to just drive to work and spend the day working at a sporting goods store. She hates the bland colors they make her wear, the fact she can't even have her hair down. Most of all she hates not being able to dress and look like a girl.

For years Susie has hated the fact she wasn't blessed with curves on the outside to match the girly girl she is inside. She's tired of being confused for some long-haired thin guy, tired of the laughing remarks by guys who only want a fat set of shirt melons to speak to when asking her where items are located in the store.

She has plans though, plans to one day find a guy who is simple enough for her to manipulate, who is captivated by her gorgeous face and eyes and who she can basically use for all her needs. Today is a day that might change all those plans. A mysterious man, one with bright green eyes and a strange gaze in them, is stopping by the sporting goods store.

This man has not long ago visited a bank and made a large withdrawal, more accurately a liquidation of sorts. Now he has his mysterious eyes set on the sporting goods store and all the profits they keep locked up in their safe. All he needs is a distraction, one that Susie is perfect for, or soon will be.

Susie leaves her encounter with this mystery man and instantly has a change of heart, choosing to eagerly assist the customers, using everything in her power to make sure they leave satisfied, but also using a rather impossible talent she never knew she had to demonstrate the various products, in only the most perverse ways possible.

Proving to be the most popular sales girl ever, Susie finds herself simplified until Simple Susie is nothing but a desperate slut who knows sex sells and whose body is more inflated than her ego ever was.

Sometimes, it doesn't pay to get out of bed, but then Susie is just being a good sport, and more than just a pleasant distraction.

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Published January 7, 2013 71 pages
Genres: Erotica, Literature & Fiction. Fiction

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