Lactating College Girls Breeding In The Hamptons by BURT MAVERICK

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She's young. She's lactating. And, she's being bred in the Hamptons!

An erotic tale of breeding, featuring young lactating college women who enjoy being sexually dominated by rich couples.

Excerpt from book :

My fingers were deep inside of my pussy when I heard his voice. "Oh, Yeah. Go, Baby sister."
I would have screamed, but it scared me so bad I lost my breath. My eyes popped open, and I snatched my fingers quickly out of my hole. My skirt fell down over my crotch, hiding the wet panties and shaved pussy.
I was mortified. I had been caught, and not just by anyone, but by the worst person on campus. Carl James, the athletic director, and coach of my next class. He knows me very well, and he's one of the worst offenders of unwanted sexual advances. I usually spend the whole class hiding from his wondering eyes and roaming hands. Gym class was the worst. Every chance he got to use me as an example he would. Which usually involved me trying to pull his hands off of my private parts. And, now, he has me right where he wants me.
"No, no no. Don't stop for me," he said, quickly. He looked down the hallway to see if we were alone, and surmising we were, he moved toward me like a hungry wolf.
I backed into the corner and watched as he moved forward smiling. My heart was racing. I knew what he wanted, and from the position I was in, I didn't see any choice but to give it to him.
His hand slid down and touched his crotch. 'Oh no,' I thought to myself, nervously when I noticed the hard penis pushing against the fabric of his shorts. I got scared when I saw it swelling. It grew enormously big and very fast.
His body was tall and muscular, and dwarfed me in size. His arms and legs were covered in a thick layer of curly black hair, stopping only where it was covered by his t-shirt and gym shorts. I was slightly aroused by the ape-like appearance of the masculine man as he approached me hunched over touching himself.
"Keep going," he panted, squeezing his cock through his shorts. "Hurry," he said, looking nervously down the hall.
"I can't," I said, looking away ashamed. I held my skirt down with both hands.
He came close and pressed his body into mine. "Masturbating in the corner young lady? I can just imagine what the people in your hometown will be saying when they hear the reason why you got expelled."
"You wouldn't" I said, feeling sick to my stomach. I could feel his hot breath as he stood over me rubbing his cock through his shorts.
"Wouldn't I?" He pushed closer. His hairy arms grazed against my soft skin. My body shivered from the rough feel of the bristly hair. "Pull it up and do it."
"Pull it up, the skirt," he said, humping his hard-on into me. His free arm pushed me against the wall.
"No. Please don't," I pleaded. My knees became weak. The big man wanted to take my virginity.
"Let's just finish what you started, Sweetheart."
My heart was pumping and my blood racing as his hips humped on me. My crotch tingled nervously. 'Oh my, God, I want him to do it.'
"I can't... I'm a virgin." I said, expecting him to slow down. But he didn't. It only made him more persistent.


All characters are sexually mature consenting adults over the age of 18.


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Published September 8, 2013 by Burt Maverick. 30 pages
Genres: Erotica, Literature & Fiction. Fiction

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